Monday, 11 January 2010

Esmée Denters Album Out Now In The UK - Go BUY

Just letting everyone know that Esmée Denters debut album "Outta Here" is now out in the UK. It was first released in The Netherlands and Belgium and is now available to buy in stores in the UK. I went out to buy this today as I listened to this on youtube last year and can honestly say that this is a perfect album and every song stands out. We are fortunate in the UK as we get a bonus track included called "Follow My Lead". This is now as a studio version but prior to it being included as a bonus track it had only been heard live.

For those who want to know the tracklist it is as follows:

1. Admit It
2. Victim
3. Outta Here
4. Love Dealer
5. Gravity
6. What If
7. Memories Turn To Dust
8. Getting Over You
9. Just Can't Have It
10. The First Thing
11. Casanova (Ft. Justin Timberlake)
12. Bigger Than The World
13. Sad Symphony (Bonus Track)
14. Follow My Lead (Bonus Track)

I definitely think that everyone who can pick this album up should go BUY it now and SUPPORT Esmée because she definitely deserves it!

New Music: Nicole Scherzinger - By My Side

Today a new Nicole Scherzinger song has been leaked. The song is called "By My Side" and features Akon. I am such a big fan of her that when I heard this I couldn't wait to hear it. After hearing it for the first time it is an OK song, but as with any song of hers no doubt I won't be able to stop listening after a few more listens.
Anyways you will be wanting to listen/download, so here it is:

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Enjoy and please leave comments or tick the like/dislike boxes, thanks :)

New Album: Heidi Montag - Superficial

So I must say that I am not a fan of Heidi Montag and that I haven't been too bothered by any of the songs she has. I thought people might want this so that is why I have decided to post it. I am a sucker for music like this, so I can see me liking to it eventually.

*All download links have been removed
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Enjoy :)

New Music Video: Gabriella Cilmi - On A Mission

OK sorry for the little amount of updates but I have been very busy. I posted the Mp3 of Gabriella Cilmi's new single "On A Mission" yesterday, and now I have the music video for it.
I have watched it and must say that she looks so much more appealing and sexy. The video consists of a retro-ey space theme which I think works quite well and is creative and definitely worth a watch.
Anyways you will be wanting to see the video so here it is:

Enjoy :)