Monday, 12 April 2010

Selena Gomez Interview & Performance On Live From Studio Five

Check out this new interview with Selena Gomez on Live From Studio Five. This aired last week, but I thought I would still post it. She also performs one of my favourite songs from her 'Naturally'. So if your a fan, then check it out - it's great!

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Brandy & Ray Jay Interview On Lopez Tonight

Here is an interview with Brandy #& Ray J on Lopez Tonight. This was recorded before their reality series 'Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business' aired yesterday. I haven't got round to watching the reality series as of yet, as I am not situated in the US so I cannot view the video, so if anyone knows a link to it for UK viewers then please post below! Anyways check out the interview:

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Introducing Raphael...

Check out new artist Raphael. I was given the heads up about him, and a track called 'Private Party' which is only a demo. As you know, I like to post about new artists and songs, so that they get recognition.
So a little about him...
He has been working with producers such as Rick Bryant (Known to have worked with Timbaland, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake) and The Untouchables. Also, the track 'Private Party' is supposedly from Kara Dioguardi's team!

So you will want to hear the song, so check it out via the link below:

If you would like to know more about this artist then check out his official pages:

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Monica's Next Single To Be With Jamie Foxx!!

For those that haven't heard and are interested, Monica is set to release 'Here I Am' as her next single. But this is not the only news; she has enlisted Jamie Foxx to join her on the track. This has been confirmed by Monica on Twitter, and is great news. I love her new album, and the track is great. Probably not my next choice of single, but it will definitely do.
So if you haven't heard the original song, then check it out below:

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Listen: Jennifer Hudson 'One Shining Moment'

So, if you haven't come across this yet, then you need to check out Jennifer Hudson's version of 'One Shining Moment'. The song is really cool, and I am aware it has been covered various times. I really love Jennifer's voice as it is really strong.

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Alicia Keys Postpones Beyoncé Collab!

Sorry for the late posts, but I might as well fill you in with the news that I didn't post. So...
It seems that Alicia Keys has postponed the release of her Beyoncé collab track 'Put It In A Love Song'. She looks set to release another track first called 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)' featuring Drake.
Alicia & Beyoncé have already filmed the video for 'Put It In A Love Song' back in February and planned to premiere the video in March, but she has since stated that the video for 'Put It In A Love Song' will be premiered after the 'Un-Thinkable' video.
On the video for the Beyonce collab she said:
"It's kind of nice that I have such a great video [with] such a great artist in the can. They're going to be able to see the 'Un-Thinkable' video first and then see 'Put It in a Love Song', but it probably won't come until closer to this summer."
So what do you think of this news? I am totally over Alicia at the moment. She hasn't played this very well. And if she thinks that by delaying the video even more will create hype then she is wrong. The song is not that great and it probably won't do that well. So just release it and move on to 'Un-Thinkable'!