Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lady Gaga - Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)

Here is another new track from Lady Gaga called "Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)". I haven't listened to the song, but I hear that its great. I always like to get a new Gaga track so hopefully this pleases. Definitely let me know what you think.

"Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)"

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What do you think? Do you like Gaga?

Ke$ha - Dirty Picture (Pt. II) (UK Bonus Track)

This is a new version of the song "Dirty Picture" by Taio Cruz which features Ke$ha. However, this version features more verses from Ke$ha and less from Taio. I haven't heard the original and I refuse to listen to this song until I get the album in my hands.
Take a listen below and also download, if you wish :)

"Dirty Picture (Pt. II)

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What do you think? Do you like this song?

Esmée Denters - 007 On You

A new song from Esmée Denters has leaked called "007 On You". I think the song is great and is one of her typical tracka. I love Esmée and her material and am definitely putting this with her album. If you haven't heard of Esmée yet or any of her material then where have you been. Go check her out on YouTube. Anyways you will be wanting to hear the song so here it is:

"007 On You"

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What do you think? Do you like Esmée Denters?

Sabrina Washington - OMG Remix + New Look!

Sabrina Washington is set to release her solo stuff this year...and she is launching with a bang! She has a new look and her debut single is called "OMG (Oh My Gosh)". It is to be released March 15th and the album is set to be released sometime this year. I am really looking forward to Sabrina's material and her debut sounds very promising. I will be sure to post the single when it leaks, but before that I have a few remixes of the song to listen to. I also have video stills from the debut single "OMG" so check them out.

-OMG (Chuck Dem Gee Remix)-

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Check out the photos of her new look below. I think she looks fantastic :)

Ke$ha "Blah Blah Blah" Video Photos

As you all know, Ke$ha's next single is "Blah Blah Blah". To go with this amazing song, a video is/has been shot. I have turned into a massive Ke$ha fan over the last few weeks and can't wait to grab a copy of the album. I can't actually believe how obsessed I am with listening to this album, but whatever, thats for another day lol. Anyways on to the video shoot photos.

What do you think? Are you excited for this video?

Gaga & Queen B "Telephone" Video Photos

Some pictures from Lady Gaga's next video for her single "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé have arose on the internet. Take a look at them below. The video sets to look like a crazy gaga video as usual. I can't wait for this as my two favourite artists Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are going to set the place alight with another great video.

What do you think? Are you excited for this video or not?

Cheryl Cole "Parachute" Video Is Here...

So after reporting Cheryl Cole's video would be shown on T4 today, it is now available to view on the web. I have embedded it for you all to view below. Its a decent video which is simple and I really like this song so I am glad its a single. The song is called "Parachute" and is her third single from her debut album "3 Words". The single will be released on March 15th...

What do you think? Do you like Cheryl Cole? Do you like this song?

Saturday, 30 January 2010

IMPORTANT: No Updates Over The Weekend

This is important for those who view this site. I will not be updating over the weekend. I never have time on the weekend to update but if I get time and their is stuff to post then of course I will update but other than that, don't expect to see much on here until Sunday night/Monday.

Many thanks for your continued support :)

Gabriella Cilmi - Why It's Called "Ten"!

I have come across the reason why Gabriella Cilmi named her album "Ten". This is what she had to say on the matter:
My birthday this year is on 10/10/10. Ten has always been my lucky number and it has a good energy around it.
I think this is a good enough reason for a title of the album, and to me it makes sense. At least the album title is personal to her and can be related to.

Also, I have been told that a new song from her album "Ten" is going around called "Defender". Unfortunately I cannot find it, but I can direct you to a few clips on her official website. If you go to the top left hand corner you can play these clips. Obviously, when the full songs leak I will post them here.

Link: Gabriella Cilmi's Official Website

In other news, I have found a remix to her her new single "On A Mission". It weirdly features rapper Eve, but I think it still sounds great. Check it out below:

I believe I am the first to post about some of these things, so please quote me, if you use this information as it is my own. Thanks :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Request: My Top 10 Girls Aloud Songs

I have had another request from Ryan, who asked me to post my favourite top 10 Girls Aloud songs. I am not a massive fan of Girl's Aloud but I think I know at least 10 songs to make a top 10. I especially loved their last album "Out Of Control" and I liked their debut album "Sound Of The Underground", so I expect most of my top 10 will be made up from those 2 albums.

-10. No Good Advice-

-9. Love Machine-

-8. Jump-

-7. Can't Speak French-

-6. Untouchable-

-5. The Loving Kind-

-4. The Promise-

-3. Sound Of The Underground-

-2. Rolling Back The Rivers In Time-

-1. Miss You Bow Wow-

Whats your favourite Girls Aloud tracks?

New Music: Gabriella Cilmi - Hearts Don't Lie

Here is a new song from Gabriella's upcoming album "Ten". The song is called "Hearts Don't Lie" and is a pretty decent song. Gabriella's new material sounds a little different and I think it sounds much better. I am anticipating this album more than I thought I would. Check the song out below:

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Let me know what you think :)

Request: Made By Winner Of The Saturdays Quiz

The winner of The Saturdays quiz which I posted earlier in the week was "Ryan". Well done to Ryan! Expect more quizzes very soon. I am going to fulfill some of his requests for him as a result of winning the quiz. I do not mind getting a few requests now and again, so if you have any post them in the chatbox :)

Ryan requested two albums. The first is Mis-Teeq "Eye Candy" which I found a link for. And the other is Katerine Avgoustakis' "Overdrive". I have found a link for that too. If there is any problems with the lniks, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will follow it up.

-Mis-Teeq: Eye Candy-

*All download links have been removed
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-Katerine Avgoustakis: Overdrive-
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Enjoy :)

Official Cover: Gabriella Cilmi - Ten + Official Tracklisting

Here is the official album cover to Gabriella Cilmi's upcoming sophomore album "Ten". The cover looks great and its good to see the new look Gabriella, which looks much more grown up. Here it is:

Here is the official tracklisting too:

1. On A Mission
2. Hearts Don't Lie
3. What If You Knew
4. Love Me Cos You Want To
5. Defender
6. Robots
7. Superhot
8. Boys
9. Invisible Girl
10. Glue
11. Let Me Know
12. Superman
13. Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)
14. Sucker For Love (Exclusive iTunes Bonus Track)

The album is set to be released on 22nd March 2010. I am actually looking forward to this album if her single is anything to go by.

PCD News! Jessica Sutta Tells All...

Jessica Sutta, is the latest from PCD to lash out at Nicole Scherzinger and the management. I have a video here which shows a clip from an upcoming interview with Life & Style. I'm not gonna say much about the video - you can see for yourself.
But it doesn't look pretty anymore and PCD will most definitely be seeing some new dolls or Nicole Scherzinger might just go off and finally do her solo album. Who knows?

Thanks to Theprophetblog :)

Girlicious Album Photoshoot!

I was looking around on twitter and came across Robin Antins twitter account. She is the manager of PCD and Girlicious and posted up a picture of Girlicious' new album photoshoot. I am going to post the photo below and then will discuss my views. Note: The picture isn't exactly high quality but it is good enough.

How sexy do they look! Its the best photo of them together in ages. I seriously hope that this becomes their album cover or something similar because it looks absolutely fantastic.

What do you think? Would you like to see the album cover look something like this?

Here is another picture from a different angle. It is obviously the same photoshoot.

Toni Braxton: 2 New Leaks!

I am not usually a fan of Toni Braxton's leaks but I came across both of these songs on Theprophetblog.
The songs are called "Make My Heart" and "Hands Tied". Both of them leaked with covers (which may or may not be official). The question remains as to whether these songs are for promotion or actual singles from her upcoming album Pulse, due out on May 4th.
The songs are decent and are two completely different songs. I will let you make your minds up about them, so here they are:

What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment or ticking the like or dislike boxes.

New Music: Lady Gaga - Retro Physical

Here is a new track by Lady Gaga called "Retro Physical". I know many of you have been waiting for a full cdq to be leaked. Well it is finally here!
Take a listen below:

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Enjoy and leave your comments, thanks :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Is Heroes Doomed?

After the news of Ugly Betty's cancellation, it seems nothing is safe from being cancelled. Especially Heroes!
Heroes has been seeing a massive drop in numbers of viewers over their latest series. They are currently in their fourth season and are hanging on by the grip of their teeth. NBC are currently making a decision on whether to keep Heroes or not, so the question I'm asking "Is Heroes Doomed?"

What do you think? Should Heroes be cancelled?

New Music: The Black Eyed Peas - Grapes

Here is a new song by The Black Eyed Peas. it was produced by David Guetta and is called "Grapes". I cannot find the download link but it is here to listen. It sounds good and is typical BEP material. I think this song will grow on me as I love BEP.


Take a listen and comment your thoughts :)

Ugly Betty Gets Cancelled!!!!

OK, everyone, Ugly Betty has been cancelled by ABC. Damn, I can't believe I have just said those words. Damn you ABC!
So all Ugly Betty fans, the end of the show is in sight and this is very very bad news. I am utterly pissed off with this and can't believe ABC has pulled the plug on another show I am so dedicated to. ABC need to seriously re-think and get their act together.
So, the end of Season 4 which is currently still airing in America will be the last adventures we have with Betty and ABC has said that they have let producers know early so that they can wrap the show up nicely. At least the show will be wrapped up rather than leaving us with a cliffhanger - so that I am glad of.
However, I just can't get my head around the fact that I will not be seeing Betty in the autumn.
I urge all fans to ditch ABC and show your love to Betty.
Thank you that is all I have to say on the matter.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad Betty is being cancelled?

Christina Aguilera's Album Now Set For April

Christina Aguilera's upcoming fourth album "Bionic" has now been set for an April release. Previously it was confirmed to be released in March. I am not sure why it has been pushed back but it has. Maybe they are moving it so more time can be spent on recording and perfecting the album. If this is the case, then the album is going to need to be a piece of art.
I am not particularly looking forward to this album as I am not a massive fan of Aguilera. However, if she drops some good material, who knows she may convert me.

What do you think of this news?

Mariah Carey Video's Premiere!

So earlier this week I reported that Mariah Carey's two new video's, "Angels Cry (Ft. Ne-Yo)" and "Up Out My Face (Ft. Nicki Minaj)" were not going to premiere until next Tuesday. This was from Mariah's twitter, but now it seems the video's have premiered today (the day they were initially supposed to).
Anyways here are both of the videos:

-Angels Cry (Ft. Ne-Yo)-

-Up Out My Face (Ft. Nicki Minaj)-

I have watched both videos and I can say they are just OK videos. I didn't expect much from them anyway. So the first video "Angels Cry"...What can I say...It's a pretty boring video, there isn't much to it and I feel that the feature of Ne-Yo does the song no justice. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Ne-Yo, but the song was perfect as it was. The inclusion of Ne-Yo makes this song much weaker, and at the end he tries to sing alongside Mariah on the big notes. This is ultimately stupid as his vocal range does not stretch as far as Mariah's. I wish she would have scrapped all these features because they aren't all that.
Onto the second video "Up Out My Face"...Firstly, this song was so much better without the feature of Nicki Minaj, who I really dislike. I don't see any point of her being on the song because yet again she does it no justice. The video was decent, but they seemed to have been slapped together and I feel that both the videos were kind of weak.
What are your views? Do you agree or disagree?

New Music: Iyaz - Solo (Mastered)

Here is the mastered version of Iyaz's song "Solo". Let me know your views on it.

*All download links have been removed
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Enjoy :)

Ne-Yo Mixtape: Gentlemanlike 5

Here is a new mixtape from Ne-Yo "Gentlemanlike 5". I am currently downloading so I don't know what its like. When and if I get round to listening to it, I will let you know my views. Anyways here is the download link:

*All download links have been removed
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Let me know your views, enjoy :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Featured Artists: "The Saturdays" My Top 10 + Quiz!

So as I said earlier, I have updated this post so that I can continue with my featured artists post. I wrote a post the other day about The Saturdays. I will be continuing from that post. Firstly I will be writing a countdown of the top 10 tracks of The Saturdays followed by a short quiz.
Those who would like to take part in the quiz can give the answers in the comments. If you get all of the questions right then I will grant that person a request post in which a particular song, or artist will be chosen by someone and I will post it.
Firstly on to my top 10 of The Saturdays tracks:

-10. Chasing Lights-

-9.Set Me Off-

-8. Why Me, Why Now-

-7. Unofficial-

-6. Wordshaker-

-5. Work-

-4. Up-

-3. Deeper-

-2. Ego-

-1. Lose Control-

Now onto the quiz. You need to get all 5 correct in order to win. Please post your answers in the comments thanks! :)

1. Name all five members in The Saturdays (First name and surname included).

2. Name all five singles from The Saturdays debut album "Chasing Lights".

3. Who are the youngest and oldest members of The Saturdays and how old are they?

4. Which two girls from The Saturdays used to be in S Club Juniors/8?

5. A particular artist recorded the demo for "Why Me, Why Now". Who was that artist?

New Music: Jennifer Lopez - Everybody's Girl (Full)

Jennifer Lopez's next single "Everbody's Girl" has finally leaked in full. It is only a radio rip so the quality isn't 100%. I can't wait for the HQ of this as I definitely think this will sound better in HQ. From first listen its a decent song, but after a few listens I can see that it will be grower. Hopefully this does well for J-Lo cos she deserves to make  a good comeback.
Take a listen here:

*All download links have been removed
PM me if you want a link*

What are your thoughts on this?

Preview: Jennifer Lopez - Everybody's Girl

Jennifer Lopez is to release "Everybody's Girl" internationally. It was played on German radio today and has leaked in full but has been taken down already. At the moment I can only find a one minute preview, however when a full version leaks, I will be sure to post about it.
Judging from the snippet it sounds quite good. It is a completely different sound from J-Lo and I never like basing a song just from a clip because they are usually better or can be worse than what the clip sounds. So I am gonna just waiting for the full version now...Hurry up!
Here's the link to the preview as I can't rip it to place on here:

Let me know what you think :)

Survivors Series 2 Episode 2 Review

*WARNING* May Contain Spoilers*WARNING*
Last night, the second episode from the second series of the BBC show "Survivors" was shown on BBC1. For those that missed it can catch up on it via BBC iPlayer.
We had to wait a full two weeks to see this episode, but I must say it was definitely worth it. I completely love this show and it seems to be getting better and better. Last series was great and gave you a sense of suspicion, however, this series takes it further and keeps you gripped. I might not be too hard to please but still this episode was great.
It started off slowly and I weren't sure if it was going to go anywhere. But then the Survivors banded together to find Abby. The situation with Abby being kidnapped hasn't run on too long, but you kinda wanted her to be found soon.
Whilst they are trying to find Abby, she has finally escaped with the help of the wife of the man who is trying to find a cure for the virus. Abby has been injected with the virus and is not in a good state but is expected to recover again after being the only person recovering after having the virus when it first began.
The band of survivors give up trying to find Abby, although little do they know she has escaped and is trying to find them.
You couldn't help but think that Abby was gonna be caught at the end, however, right at the end of the episode she is reunited with the bunch of survivors.
The episode was great and wraps up Abby being kidnapped (for a little while). I think that the guys who kidnapped Abby will be back soon, but time will only tell. Lets hope the rest of the series is just as good as this.

Now heres a sneak preview of the next episode. Enjoy :)

Album Review: Amerie - In Love & War

On to my second album review of the day...
I have quite a bit of time to spare today, so since I can't find anything else to do. I am just reviewing random albums. So up now we have Amerie's fourth studio album "In Love & War". I am quite a fan of Amerie's material and loved her previous album, which I might just review on a later post. This album was released in November last year, and is still gaining rotation on my iPod so check out my track-by-track review of this album and tell me if you agree.

  1. Tell Me You Love Me: This song is an absolute smash and is a big favourite of mine ever since it leaked. I will say it is a really good song but it is not one of the stand out tracks. 8/10
  2. Heard 'Em All: So this was Amerie's second single from this album. It is such a great song, which I weren't too sure of when I first heard it. But Amerie is definitely bringing something different. 9/10
  3. Dangerous: This song is such a great tune aswell. The album sounds great at this point and there hasn't been one scrap song. 8.5/10
  4. Higher: The rhythm of the album continues in its upbeat fashion. This song is very good as well and is great even though it only plays for just under 3 mins. 8/10
  5. Why R U: This served as the first single from the album. It is a real corker and is so catchy. I think I have turned into a great Amerie fan at this point. 9/10
  6. Pretty Brown (Ft. Trey Songz): This is another great track. I would not call it a stand out but it is definitely listenable. The best tracks are still yet to come. 8/10
  7. More Than Love (Ft. Fabolous): This track serves as the next single and it is such a cool track it definitely deserves a great score. 10/10
  8. Swagback: Along with the previous track, these are the stand out tracks and are always being played on my iPod. Amerie definitely knows how to keep the tracks coming. 10/10
  9. You're A Star (Interlude): So, if your a fan of Amerie, you will notice that this interlude samples from one of her tracks, "Hate2LoveU" from her previous album "Because I Love It". The interlude is nicely put into the album and breaks it up nicely. This is the point where the album starts to slow down, but still remains its greatness. 9/10
  10. Red Eye: This track is a nice slow joint. It is really good and considering the album has slowed down at this point, I really like it. 8.5/10
  11. The Flowers: This track is the longest on the album and racks up to just over 5 mins. This doesn't mean its a rubbish track. In fact for a track that goes on for this long, it is definitely a solid album track. 8/10
  12. Different People: This track is another great track from the album. I can not find any faults in any of the songs and to me they are all solid at this point. 8.5/10
  13. Dear John: This track is such a classic. I loved it when it first leaked. Many people gave this song a bad review but I see it differently. Even though this is a completely different track I still think it fits nicely. It is definitely worth a solid score. 9.5/10
  14. Heard 'Em All (Remix) (Ft. Lil Wayne): This track is not much different but now features a Lil Wayne verse. It sounds great but I think that it could have been left off the album. However as a bonus track, you don't see me complaining. 8.5/10
OVERALL: 8.7/10
This is a superb album. It definitely deserves the high score that it has achieved here. I am still listening to this day. I can't wait for Amerie's next album, but till then I am sure I have enough Amerie tracks from this album and her previous "Because I Love It" to keep me going.

Album Review: Alicia Keys - The Element Of Freedom

This week has been a very slow week for updates in music, etc. So I thought I would review another album. I said previously that I would be reviewing a few albums, so if you have any requests let me know. I will be featuring some old album reviews soon as there aren't any albums coming out just yet.
So, my third album review is for Alicia Keys' fourth album "The Element Of Freedom".
I was reluctant to listen to this album at first as I think that most of Alicia's material is either hit or miss. Her previous album "As I Am" I really liked so I was hoping the same for this CD.
I can say at this point that the album is pretty solid and that it is definitely a grower. From first listen I wasn't too fazed but after listening to it a few times, I can say that it grew and grew on me. So I will be basing the track-by-track review on my latest impressions.
Here goes...

  1. Element Of Freedom (Intro): This intro is really short and just features Alicia talking. It doesn't really do much for the album, but it introduces it nicely. 6/10
  2. Love Is Blind: This track is pretty decent and is the normal type of Alicia Keys material. I wouldn't class it as a stand out track but it is nice enough. 7/10
  3. Doesn't Mean Anything: This was the first single and I must say it didn't quite catch me like "No One" did. It has since grew on me but I would still only class it as an album track and not single worthy. 8/10
  4. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart: This is one fantastic track. From the first time I heard it I couldn't stop listening. It is something completely different from Alicia and is definitely hands down the best track on the album. 10/10
  5. Wait Til You See My Smile: This track is pretty decent and is slow and soothing. I think that it is a nice song but it is not a stand out track to me. 7.5/10
  6. Thats How Strong My Love Is: This is another decent track. I don't mind this song but I just don't see that it stands out either. 7.5/10
  7. Unthinkable (I'm Ready): Maybe I am not appreciating this music, but the album seems to be lacking what made "As I Am" great. This is still another decent track. 7/10
  8. Love Is My Disease: The album starts to get a bit better at this point. This song is much better and I would class it as one of the stand out tracks. 8.5/10
  9. Like The Sea: This song is a lot more memorable than the previous tracks on the album. It is a solid track that deserves a decent score. 8/10
  10. Put It In A Love Song (Ft. Beyonce): When I heard about this collaboration I was expecting something groundbreaking like the Lady Gaga and Beyonce collab. However this lacked something which I can't place my finger on. The song is OK but it just gets boring and repetitive after a little while. 8/10
  11. This Bed: This track was seriously needed on this album. It is definitely one of the stand out tracks and is one of my favs. It is a solid song and shows a different side of Alicia. 9/10
  12. Distance And Time: This is a typical Alicia Keys song. It sounds so similar to her other stuff so it is definitely not unique. It is just an OK and nothing I would class as being rememberable. 7/10
  13. How It Feels To Fly: This is my least favourite track on the album for some reason. It does sound like some of her older songs from "As I Am" and I feel like Alicia keeps on repeating the same sort of material. 6.5/10
  14. Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down: I don't mind this track. I think Alicia's version is much better than Jay-Z's, but I find it hard to listen to, as it just gets boring after a while. 7/10

OVERALL: 7.6/10
This album is clearly a decent album but it is not one of the best albums I have heard. I think her vocals are great but the album was lacking and did not have the factor that made "As I Am" memorable.
Stay tuned for more reviews as I will be reviewing Amerie's "In Love & War" album next :)

Final Harry Potter Movies To Be 3D!

As this blog is not solely a music blog and has the name "Entertainment" I came across some news that I thought I would post. Therefore let me get the news out straight away as its a corker.
Yes, you heard it correctly the final two Harry Potter films "Deathly Hallows Parts I and II" are going to be released in 3D.
This has now been confirmed by Warner Bros. whereas it was only a rumour before. The reason behind this is because of the great success of the 3D film "Avatar". Therefore Warner Bros has decided to release the remaining Harry Potter films in 3D. I think this is a good way to close the Harry Potter films and I think that some of the scenes will look amazing.
I, personally have never been to see a 3D film, but as soon as this comes out, I will be sure to watch my first movie in 3D!
The films are to be released separately, with Deathly Hallows Part I being released November 19th 2010 and the last film Deathly Hallows Part II being released July 15th 2011.

What do you think of this move? Would you prefer the films to be in 3D or not?

Alexandra Burke's Fourth Single Announced...

So it has been reported that Alexandra Burke's fourth single from her album "Overcome" is to be "The Silence".
I'm not sure if it has been officially announced yet, but apparently this is to be the next single.
It is expected to be released around March, and Alexandra Burke has countlessly said she would like to see this as a single. So fingers crossed this happens.
This is hands down one of the best tracks from the album...if not it is the best track. I really hope this becomes a single and does really well because I think it deserves it. Well hopefully it gets confirmed soon. If it is confirmed I will update this post when I hear the news.

What are your views on this? Do you think this is the right single choice?

Cheryl Cole's "Parachute" Video Premiere Date Announced

I reported not too long ago that Cheryl Cole's next single will be "Parachute". I now have news that her video will premiere this weekend on T4. It was filmed earlier this month and will appear this Sunday (31st Jan) at 12.20PM on T4.
The single will be officially released on March 15th...

Pixie Lott Launching Her Own Clothing Range?

Pixie Lott is reportedly going to launch her own clothing range. She has teamed up with fashion designers "Lipsy" to create her own range.
She is supposed to be working on two looks which will be released ready for the summer.
Apparently the first look will be aimed at girls who want a vintage look, and the other will be for urban night out.
Pixie Lott has said that she would like to expand her horizons and venture into other things than just music, so I suppose this is the right direction to be going in. I hope she don't give up music and venture to other things such as acting as I like her music and don't think she will be right for anything else.

What are your views on this? Do you like Pixie Lott's fashion sense? Would you buy from her clothing range?

Monica: Everything To Me Final Extended Version

After Monica fans have protested over how short Monica's new single "Everything To Me" was, she headed back into the studio and added a new verse which ramps the length of the song up to just over 3 mins whereas before it was only 2 mins.
Now can I say, this sounds completely finished now and the extra verse gives it just the thing it needs. I liked the song before but it lacked something and I didn't like the fact it only lasted 2 mins. So now with this extra verse and listening to it again I can say this is a solid record. I hope she does well with this one because she truly deserves it. I would give this song a solid 5/5.

*All download links have been removed
PM me if you want a link*

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Music: 2 New Shontelle Songs

Today two new Shontelle tracks leaked. The first of the two tracks is "Say Hello To Goodbye" and the second is "DJ Made Me Do It". They are both decent tracks and I think that "Say Hello To Goodbye" is a grower and I can see me listening to it a lot more.
Here they are to listen:

-Say Hello To Goodbye-

-DJ Made Me Do It-

Tell me what you think? Do you like Shontelle?

Mariah Carey's Videos Get Set Back Aswell...

Mariah Carey is not having much of a week this week, as her upcoming remix album has seen yet another pushback. But topping it off, the two videos "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj and "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo were supposed to be premiering this thursday (28th).
However, according to her official twitter page, the videos will be released next tuesday (a whole week from today).
Heres what was posted by Mariah on twitter:
And sorry to all who were waiting for the "UOMF" (feat. Nicki Minaj) and "AC" (feat. Ne-Yo) videos..."They" say that they'll be out tues...ugh!
This doesn't look good for Mariah really does it. I don't really no what else to say, but when her videos are released they need to be the best thing since sliced bread to even make an impact.

What are your views on this? Are you anticipating these videos? Are you annoyed about the millions of pushbacks?

100TH POST - 24/7's Featured Artists: The Saturdays!!

This is officially the blogs 100th post! I can't believe I am writing this, so what better way to write the 100th post by dedicating it to pop group "The Saturdays". Above is a picture that was taken in HMV when I went to a single signing and I met them - it was great, but was so quick!
I was also lucky enough to go to one of the dates on their first tour "The Work Tour". The tour was so good and much better than I had expected. They showcased two new tracks from their newest album "Wordshaker" as well as performing a medley and lots of songs from their first album. Below are a few pictures that were snapped from the tour. All of these are my own photos so please credit if using - thanks!

For those that don't know who The Saturdays are, I will give you a brief lesson about them now and post a few songs of theirs.
Firstly, the Saturdays are a British Pop Group signed to Fascination Records. They consist of 5 members, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman(From S Club Juniors/8), Frankie Sandford (From S Club Juniors/8), Mollie King, and Una Healy.
They started out in 2007 but their first single "If This Is Love" wasn't released until August 12, 2008. Their debut album, "Chasing Lights" was then released in October 2008 and spawned a total of 5 singles. The first 4 singles ended up in the top 10, some in the top 5 of the UK charts.
Their sophomore album "Wordshaker" was released October 2009 and has spawned two singles which have both made the top 10 of the UK charts. Their current single is "Ego" and is a smash! The video can be seen below:

This post would have been longer but I will be posting about The Saturdays a lot more and this will be random so expect to see the posts and take part in the quiz that will be going up over the next few days!
I leave you with a few songs from The Saturdays which I class as my favourites:


"Chasing Lights"

"Lose Control"

"Why Me, Why Now"

Also thanks to everyone following the blog, and to those who read and comment, it is much appreciated :)

Mariah Carey's "Angels Advocate" Sees Another Pushback

Poor Mariah Carey gets her remix album "Angels Adovate" pushed back again! It was originally set for a February 2010 release. The date was then moved to March 9th 2010, but it has been pushed back a further two weeks and is not set to be released on March 23rd 2010.
This doesn't sound like good news for Mariah and looks like it could be set back again. This is bad news for fans and also poses a question of whether the album will be released everywhere on the same date or if UK will get it a few months later like "Memoirs".
I am quite anticipating this release and sincerely hope it doesn't see another pushback but it can only mean good things if it is being pushed back, right?

What are your views on this situation? Do you think it should have been pushed back? Are you anticipating this release?