Monday, 29 March 2010

News: Ciara To Release 'Ride' As New Single

Everyone stop what you are doing! Some great Ciara news has just appeared - she's about to release a new single!
According to, Ciara's first single from her fourth studio album will be called 'Ride' and will feature Ludacris!
She has already teamed up with Ludacris a number of times, and they have teamed up again for another hit. The video for the song is supposed to be filmed very soon, and also the song is expected to impact radio stations in the next few weeks.
Argghhh...Can't wait, I really hope that the material is really good as I have liked all of her albums. The fourth album is supposed to be released this Summer, and was executively produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

As well as news of the first single, two new song titles that could make the album were announced as 'Gifted' and 'Speechless' featuring The-Dream.

What do you think? Are you excited for some more CiCi? Comment your thoughts below :)

Doctor Who: A Look Inside The New Tardis

For those that are interested in the Doctor Who news that I have been posting, well here are lots of pictures of the new Tardis interior!

Obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled then don't look!
But, click on read more to see the pictures! Hope you like them!

*May Contain Spoilers*

Christina Aguilera Promo Pictures

Here are 3 promo pictures that were released on Christina Aguilera's official website. It seems that we are getting something new up until the release of her single 'Not Myself Tonight' premiering tomorrow. Here are the photos:

Doctor Who Exclusive Clip!

Finally, here is an exclusive clip from Episode 6 'Vampires In Venice' from the new series of Doctor Who starting this Easter (Sat April 3rd). This clip was show on The Jonathan Ross show and the show looks fantastic. I really can't wait for this series to start, so roll on Easter!!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to this new series? Comment your thoughts below :)

Introducing Starshell...

So, I like to feature new and upcoming artists and someone gave me the heads up to this track via the chat box. (Thanks Jenna) So, the artist is female and is called 'Starshell'. She previously was known under the name of 'Laneah'. She is the first artist to be signed to Mary J. Blige's record label 'Matriarch Records'. She is building up her fanbase at the moment but a new song by her has arose called 'Superluva'. The song is really cool and I can see it appealing to many. So please check it out below:

If you would like to find out more about this artist, check out these sites:

What do you think of Starshell? Comment your thoughts below :)

Kelis 'Acapella' Music Video Premiere

Here is the official music video to Kelis' new track called 'Acapella'. I have not yet watched the video, and I was not fazed by the song when it was leaked, and tbh I am not a fan of Kelis, but for those that like this song, check the video out below:

What do you think of the video? Comment your thoughts below :)

Listen: Trina Featuring Lady Gaga - Let Them Hoes Fight

This song leaked a few months back and was heavily tagged and in bad quality. This version has just leaked which is a mix of the leaked version mixed by DJ Tony Sinclair. This is not the final version, but is good enough until Trina's album 'Amazin' drops in May.

The track is actually quite catchy and as I previously said, I am actually liking all of the material I have heard from Trina so far.

What do you think of the song? Comment your thoughts below :)

Rumour: Girls Aloud To Lose A Member?

In case you haven't heard, Girls Aloud are considering to return after a little hiatus, with only four members out of the original five. Nadine Coyle, could be the member of Girls Aloud that may or may not be coming back as she is working solidly on her solo material.
One member of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding has stated that she has not seen Nadine Coyle in ages and that she does not know what the future holds for the group. Another member, Kimberley Walsh has also hinted that Nadine Coyle is the one that is stopping Girls Aloud from reuniting at the moment.
A source for Girls Aloud revealed the following:
"They're tired of her mucking them around. The girls always had the end of 2010 booked in to record their next album and all of them, other than Nadine, still want to go ahead."
"If Nadine refuses they could simply go ahead as the four of them. It's not ideal and they would rather find a way to make it work, but she doesn't seem to be interested in that."
OK, I don't know much about Girls Aloud, but excuse me for thinking that Nadine isn't the only one to blame, and that they are trying to create bad publicity for Nadine. I think Nadine is the best vocally in the group and that they would not be nowhere as good without her.
Also, how come no one mentions anything about Cheryl 'I Can't Sing' Cole. I notice, how it is alright for her to go release solo material, and everyone bows down to her, but when it comes to Nadine, she is forced to create another album, and she can't continue with her solo material.

Well thats my thoughts on the matter, what do you think? Comment your views below :)

Rihanna Medley Live On The 2010 Kids Choice Awards

Here is Rihanna performing a medley of her songs 'Hard', 'Rude Boy' and 'Don't Stop The Music' live on The 2010 Kids Choice Awards. You will notice that she had to change some of the lyrics up in her songs (most notably in 'Rude Boy') so that it was kid friendly. Check out the medley below:

What do you think of the performance? Comment your thoughts below :)

Matt Smith Interview On The Jonathan Ross Show

I think its time for another Doctor Who feature! Check out the full interview of Matt Smith on The Jonathan Ross Show that aired last Friday night. I haven't checked out the interview yet, but for those interested in the new Doctor check it out now! Sorry that the interview is split into 3 videos, but enjoy :)


'Part 1'

'Part 2'

What do you think of the interview? Comment your thoughts below :)

Justin Bieber 'Baby' Live On The 2010 Kids Choice Awards

I said I would never post about Justin Bieber, but times have changed. I see he has a strong following, so I thought I would post this performance as it wouldn't hurt. I do not like him, but do not let me sway your decision, so check out his performance of latest single 'Baby' live on The 2010 Kids Choice Awards.

What do you think of the performance? Should I feature more on Justin Bieber? Comment your thoughts below :)

Ke$ha Full Uncut Interview On SYTYCD Australia

Here is an uncut video of Ke$ha being interviewed for So You Think You Can Dance Australia. They talk about multiple of things, including her recently leaked song 'Styrofoam', so check it out below:

What do you think of this interview? Comment your thoughts below :)

Ke$ha 'Blah Blah Blah' Live On SYTYCD Australia

Here is Ke$ha (again) singing her single 'Blah Blah Blah' on So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I only usually post one performance of songs unless obviously other performances are better. However, I haven't featured Ke$ha much in the past weeks so I thought I would post this:

The video is not embedding properly, so check it out at this website!

What do you think of this performance? Comment your thoughts below :)

Shakira 'Gypsy' (Live On 'Wetten Dass?')

Check out this performance of Shakira singing her latest single 'Gypsy' live on 'Wetten Dass?'. The performance is really good and I love Shakira, however, I wish she chose a different song for her single. The whole album is practically single worthy so maybe something else next, huh?

What do you think of this performance? Comment your views below :)

Doctor Who Opening Scenes Of 'The Eleventh Hour'!

Heres one out of three Doctor Who videos I will be sharing with you today. I almost forgot about this but here it is. This is a very short video of approx 45 secs of the opening scenes to Doctor Who's upcoming episode of 'The Eleventh Hour' featuring Matt Smith as The Doctor. The episode will be aired this Saturday and I can't wait, so check it out:

*May Contain Spoilers*

It looks like its gonna be epic! What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Timbaland Cameo On FlashForward

For all you Timbo fans and FlashForward check out this clip of Timbaland making a cameo on the US show FlashForward. Who knew that Timbaland could even act?! lol.

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2 New R. Kelly Official Music Videos

Recently two new videos from R. Kelly have arose from his album 'Untitled'. Both songs are singles, and so I guess he decided to release both music videos with each other or something. But anyways, here are the videos to his songs 'Echo' and 'Be My #2'.


'Be My #2'

What do you think of these videos? Comment your thoughts below :)