Monday, 1 March 2010

Monica 'Mirror' Snippet!

A very very LQ snipped of a new song called 'Mirror' from Monica's upcoming sixth studio album 'Still Standing' has appeared online. While this is such rubbish quality, you still can't help but listen to it to see how it sounds. And my gosh, this song sounds quality! I really can't wait for this album and whilst I am trying not to wish my life away, I really can't wait any longer for March 22nd!
Take a listen below, and see if you like it or not!

Grab Monica's album 'Still Standing' from stores March 22nd/23rd!

Artist Of The Month: March

Yes, Monica is 24/7 Entertainment's artist of the month for March. Her sixth studio album, entitled Still Standing will finally be released this month. 22nd March in the UK and 23rd March in the US. Stay tuned for a Monica filled March!

Gabriella Cilmi Live Acoustic Performances On Total Access!!

Yes another performance from Gabriella Cilmi. This time she performed two songs for Total Access. One of the songs is a new track from her album called 'Defender' and the other track is 'On A Mission'. These performances are so great, and I am really digging Gabriella this time round. I constantly have her album mash up on repeat and can't wait to hear her album. For now though, check out these performances below:


'On A Mission'

What do you think? Comment or rate below!

'Ten' album in stores March 22nd and new single 'On A Mission' released March 8th

Gabriella Cilmi 'On A Mission' On Lets Dance For Sports Relief!

Here is a video of Gabriella Cilmi singing her new single 'On A Mission' on BBC's Lets Dance For Sports Relief.
This is such an amazing performance. I have really grown to love this song and am anticipating the release of her sophomore album. Check out the video below:

What do you think? Comment or rate below!

'Ten' album in stores March 22nd and new single 'On A Mission' released March 8th

Result Of February's Beyoncé Song Poll!

I provided a poll towards the end of February based on YOUR favourite Beyoncé song. The results have been counted and I will now reveal the results starting from the least votes down to your #1.

In 9th Place: Naughty Girl & Video Phone
(4 Votes Each)

In 8th Place: Baby Boy, Irreplaceable & Other Beyoncé Songs
(6 Votes Each)

In 7th Place: Ego & Déjà Vu
(7 Votes Each)

In 6th Place: Dangerously In Love 2 & If I Were A Boy
(8 Votes Each)

In 5th Place: Crazy In Love & Beautiful Liar
(9 Votes Each)

In 4th Place: Listen
(10 Votes)

In 3rd Place: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
(11 Votes)

In 2nd Place: Sweet Dreams
(13 Votes)

In 1st Place: Halo
(17 Votes)

So there you go! Halo is the winner. This doesn't really surprise me, however, I thought 'If I Were A Boy' would of rated better. I am surprised 'Sweet Dreams' beat single ladies as well. Are there any surprises to you?

Now to bow out, here is a nice video of Beyoncé singing 'Halo' live from Las Vegas: