Monday, 10 May 2010

Doctor Who 'Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone' Review

So with me being absent from here for a little while, I have not been able to update my views on the episodes of Doctor Who. A few weeks back, Doctor Who series 5 had its first two-parter episode. The episodes featured the return of River Song as well as the terrifying Weeping Angels.
The episode revolved around the crash of the Byzantium (referred to back in series 4 by River Song). The episodes were very entertaining and arguable the best of this series to date.
Whilst the story progressed, you were also given clues about who River Song is, aswell as finding out a little more about the "cracks" in time that seem to be appearing everywhere the Doctor and Amy go.
Well, I will not go any further on the story as it is quite long to describe. But know this....
Doctor Who is definitely back at its best!! 9.5/10

Did you watch these episodes? What did you think? Comment or rate below :)

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