Friday, 23 April 2010

In Case You Missed It: Glee Vogue Video

For all you GLEEKS out there, I thought I would post the wonderful Vogue video taken from the latest episode of Glee. This is the first song to feature Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)'s vocals. The video pays homage to Madonna, and is really good so defo take a watch:

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Sugababes Start Recording Next Album

Sweet 7 singers, the Sugababes, are reportedly back in the studio already working on their next album. They released their seventh studio album, Sweet 7 last month, and to be honest it didn't do as well as they planned. They didn't even enter the UK top 10 album charts, and the best they did was enter at #5 on the Greek album charts.
Not much is known right now but their manager, Mark Hargreaves has said a few words:
"They're a very happy group today. They can't wait to get back into the studio and bring back that feelgood factor."
I suppose its the best thing for them as nothing will come out of Sweet 7. In other news, the Sugababes will be re-recording their single 'Girls' to feature Jade Ewen's vocals instead so that it can be used to promote US department store JC Penney.

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Christina Dismisses Lady Gaga Likeness

Last week, or some time not so long ago, Akon let his thoughts be known to everyone, by saying that Christina Aguilera is now mirroring the look and sound of Lady Gaga. I don't think this is true and was proud of Christina for hitting out by dismissing these allegations.
On the subject she hit back by saying:
"It just comes with the territory. That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on. I've been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself."
I am so glad that Christina said this. I am actually getting annoyed of people keep comparing everyone to Gaga. Gaga did not create everything and everyone don't follow her suit. Everyone has their own individuality which sets themselves aside from each other.
I will admit that in an earlier post that I said that Alexandra Burke looked a bit like Gaga in a photo. I weren't trying to say that she was copying her, but just pointing out something that I thought.

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Glee To Do A Madonna Sequel?

According to reports, a sequel to Glee's Madonna episode which aired this week could be on the cards. The episode which pulled in over 13 million viewers was undoubtedly a hit. Due to the success that the episode got, Glee's creator Ryan Murphy says that he is in talks with Madonna's people and that they are keen on it happening.

Also, there is talks that Madonna will feature herself and that viewers can choose (via a poll) as to which songs will be included in the episode. Of course, this is all just talk at the moment, so none of this is set in stone, but if any news becomes official then I will confirm for you guys.

Well, I really enjoyed this weeks Glee episode and would actually go as far to say that this was the best Glee episode yet. However, I think that another Madonna episode will not have the same effect, and that it would potentially kill the whole theme. Please, just stick to this episode, now guys!

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30 Second Clip Of Esmée Denter's Love Dealer Video

Check out this 30 second clip taken from Esmée Denter's next video 'Love Dealer' featuring Justin Timberlake. This is may favourite track from Esmée and I am looking forward to the video, which will be premiering on the 28th April, which is quite soon. For now, we will have to settle with this clip (which by the way looks really good):

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Doctor Who 'Victory Of The Daleks' Review

Another Saturday gone and another episode of Doctor Who we fans get to see. I am very late in posting this, but as you know, I have taken a break from posting. But anyways, onto the actual episode.
Last Saturday was the third episode from the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. The episode was called 'Victory Of the Daleks' and featured the return of the Daleks in another deadly form. This time the Daleks were known as Ironsides and we're supposedly created to help battle and win the second world war.
However, the Daleks had an ulterior motive and were in face trying to create a new type of Dalek. During the episode we got to see new Daleks in a multitude of colours and much larger than they used to be.
You can expect to see the Daleks again, as they managed to escape this time (much to the Doctor's annoyance).
I can't really say much about this episode as I really dislike these types of stories and this is definitely the worst episode from the new series. I expect next weeks one (tomorrow) to be spectacular as it sees the return of an old character and old villains.
I give this episode a 6/10.

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