Sunday, 11 July 2010

Professor Green Adds A Verse To The Saturdays 'Missing You'

Newcomer rapper Professor Green has just confirmed via Twitter that he just laid down a verse for the new Saturdays single 'Missing You'. The song has already premiered along with the video minus the rap. So I am wondering if this is just for a remix or for the album version. Who knows?
The version featuring Professor Green has yet to premiere and is supposedly coming very soon. Here is the message that Professor Green posted on his Twitter:
Did my verse for the saturdays... Look out for an alternative version of 'Missing You' ft. Professor Green soooooooon!
I actually like Professor Greens material, so I am eager to see what he has produced for The Saturdays. I actually think it would be a good move to actually release the version with Professor Green as a single as this may spark more interest in The Sats. Of course, I have yet to hear the alternative version, but I still think it could work in their favour.

What do you think?

Watch: Jason Derülo - What If Video

So I said I would update the site once I had an embeddable version of the video for you all to see. So if you haven't watched the new Jason Derülo video yet, then you best get cracking...

Thoughts? Well I must say that this is his best video yet. It is kinda like a little mini movie which doesn't run for 8 mins long! Yes I'm talking about you Gaga. In fact the video has a kinda of deep meaning to it and keeps you watching all the way through. The video is only about 4 mins, slightly longer than the song. But it is definitely a cool video that lived up to the hype of the trailer that I posted not too long ago.

What did you think?