Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Coming Soon...

Here is a list of stuff, that I am working on and which I will be including on the blog soon. I want to make the blog fun and different so that it is unique from others. I will admit that some ideas are from other blogs and some ideas are my own. Anyway check out my ideas and what you should expect coming soon from "24/7".

1. Reviews: Mainly album reviews (and some single reviews). For some TV Shows that I watch I may post some reviews, so stay tuned...
2. Song Of The Moment/Pick Of The Week: I already started doing "Song Of The Moment" so I will continue to do this. If there are some good songs posted in one week I may post it as "24/7's Pick Of The Week". So if you have any songs you think should should be the pick of the week, leave a message in the chatbox and I will be happy to listen to your opinions.
3. Artist Of The Month: I have also started this already as Lady Gaga is the artist of the month for January. Also for this if you think that a particular artist should be "Artist Of The Month" then air your views in the chatbox.
4. Artist Feature: This will consist of a post all about one particular artist. On this post I will be posting questions. The first person to answer all the questions correct will get a post with their name on and a request for a song!
5. Requests/Special Requests: I have already posted a few requests and I have had my first Special Request for a producer named Thunderbytez. I am hoping for more special requests from him as I have heard he is working on new material. Also if there are any other producers or artists wanting to promote their songs I will be happy to post them on a special request post for you. So all requests in the chatbox please and all will be considered.

So stay tuned for these. More will be coming hopefully, so please leave comment and tell me how I am doing and how I can improve.

I would also like to point out the "formspring" widget on the right. This is an area where you can ask me questions and I will answer. These can be any questions regarding anything (no rude questions - these will not be answered).

Thank You :)

Survivors Series 2 Episode 1 Review

So for those of you who live in the UK (and those who don't but had the pleasure to see this) I will be reviewing the first episode of the second series. I know I usually post about music, but as updates are slow, I thought I would write about this as it is still classed as entertainment ;)
Well the first series of Survivors (a re-imagining of the 70's series) was a pretty good watch and showed the lives of a few survivors after a worldwide virus wiped out a large amount of the human population. The series ended superbly with a stunning cliffhanger where Greg got shot, Tom killed the man who shot Greg, and Abby got kidnapped by the mysterious people who seem to have some secrets about the virus.
Series 2 lifts off from this point and runs away with it. This episode is fast paced and a few problems are created which claim to destroy the lives of the survivors. For those who haven't seen it, I will leave it at this (so that I prevent spoilers), but all I can say is that this is definitely a good watch and I can't wait for the next episode. Sadly the next episode airs in two weeks so we have to wait extra long.

For those who don't know about this TV series and want to take a look, or for those who want to recap on the first series, then watch this video:

New Music: Keri Hilson

Here is a track by Keri Hilson which leaked last year but was tagged. This is the untagged version. The track is called "Ready To Fall" and features Ne-Yo.
This track was totally unexpected and I have honestly never heard of it before. Both artists compliment each other well on the track and it is a nice soothing song. It is definitely worth a listen. 8/10.

*All download links have been removed
PM me if you want a link*

Enjoy and please comment or tick the thought boxes to let me know your views :)

Girls Can't Catch: Behind The Scenes Of The 'Echo' Music Video

Here is a behind the scenes video for Girls Can't Catch's new single "Echo".

"Echo" will be released in the UK next week - 18th January 2010.

Cheryl Cole's 3rd Single...

Cheryl Cole has revealed that her 3rd single from "3 Words" is going to be...

New 24/7 Layout - We Are Back!

After a very short amount of time, I have got the layout applied and the blog is back in business. Thanks for being patient. I now have time to write any posts needing, but I am pretty sure there are not any as leaks have been pretty quiet for a few days.
I would like to take the opportunity to ask everyone who visits to take part in the poll as it closes in a few days.
Also if there are any artists or producers out there who would like me to feature there tracks exclusively (or not) then please post a message in the chatbox as all messages get read and will be replied to (unless obviously stupid posts). Also be warned if anyone spams or posts any stuff that is offensive or abusive then I will ban them.
You will notice that I am still in the process of updating little bits but nothing major will change. I have got a new chatbox so make sure you christen it by posting me a message or two as your comments mean a lot.
I will be getting a new music player soon to post on the side, which I will let you know about, and I am also thinking of posting a schedule and doing a few features every week. So stay tuned and thanks for your support.

Enjoy :)

I am currently looking for someone who would like to create a header to go on the top of the blog. I am going to make my own but I cannot see it being too good. So if you are interested in creating one and you have some experience let me know via email or the chatbox. Thanks