Sunday, 17 January 2010

Monica - Everything To Me - Official Single Cover?

This picture has been posted on Monica's twitter page. It looks to be the cover to her new single "Everything To Me", but is it official?

I hope it is, because it is such a great cover. Hopefully the album cover matches the quality or exceeds this as I definitely think her image is better for this album than some of her previous albums. She looks much more elegant and grown up.

Let me know what you all think :)

Album Review: Ke$ha - Animal

When Ke$ha's album was released last week I made a post to tell everyone to buy and support the artist. At that time I had not even heard the album and couldn't have been too sure if this album would even be worthy of a listen. After growing to just like (not love) her debut single "TiK ToK", I had a listen to the album and now you can read my thoughts on it.
Firstly, to note, this album is not to be taken seriously and is full of great trashy pop songs (this is not a negative comment). My first impressions of the album was that it was a good pop album that trails off towards the end. After listening to the album a further number of times I can now give you my impressions track-by-track.

Winner Of 24/7's First Poll

So I am back now, but expect updates to still be a bit slow. I might think about getting someone to help on the blog at the moment if anyone is interested. You will need to have experience in running a blog, so if you are interested please leave your contact details plus a message in the chatbox or via email.
Anyways onwards and upwards with the poll results now...
The poll asked "Out of these albums, which are you looking forward to being released?"
The results are as follows:

In Joint 7TH Place: Usher - Raymond Vs. Raymond, Jennifer Lopez - Love?, Tiffany Evans - TBA, Eminem - Relapse 2 all with 6% of the votes;

In Joint 6TH Place: Mariah Carey - Angels Advocate & Sugababes - Sweet 7 both with 10% of the votes;

In Joint 5TH Place: Cassie - Electro Love & Ciara - TBA both with 13% of the votes;

In 4TH Place: Christina Aguilera - Bionic with 20% of the votes;

In 3RD Place: Girlicious - TBA with 23% of the votes;

In 2ND Place: Beyonce - TBA with 33% of the votes;

And YOUR WINNER in 1ST Place:

Monica - Still Standing with 46% of the votes

So Beyonce was leading most of the time the poll was going, but towards the end Monica stormed into the lead. I must say I am really anticipating Monica's new stuff so I am glad she won. Expect to see a feature on Monica very soon...

Many thanks to those who voted and keep checking for a new poll to be put up in a few days :)