Saturday, 24 April 2010

Alexandra Burke 'All Night Long' Cover + Live Performance

I don't know if I am late in posting this or not but anyways, you can check out the official cover to Alexandra's next single 'All Night Long' featuring Pitbull below:

I also then came across this performance of 'All Night Long' on Dancing On Ice. The clip is about a month old but I did not post it back then so I thought I would post it now. So check it out, as Alexandra is really good and I really dig this song:

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Esmée Denters Love Dealer Official Cover + Another Video Clip

I recently came across the official cover to Esmée Denter's new single 'Love Dealer' featuring Justin Timberlake. The cover looks really good and can be peeked below:

As well as this, I also came across an extended version of the Love Dealer clip I posted not too long ago. The clip looks really good and the video will premiere on the 28th of this month so not too long to wait now.

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Listen: Monica - Everything To Me (Missy Elliott Remix)

A remix to Monica's hit single 'Everything To Me' has recently appeared. It is a Missy Elliott remix that also features Notorious B.I.G.
The track sounds massively different to the original track, but this isn't a bad thing. I must say that this version is very catchy as well and stands on its own. I obviously prefer the original version, but for a remix (I usually hate remixes) this is really really good. So check it out below:

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Listen: Fantasia - Bittersweet

I'm not too far behind in posting this, but I definitely think this is worth a listen. This track is now been dubbed as the official first single for Fantasia's next album. The first single was originally supposed to be the amazing 'Even Angels' but somehow that didn't take off. This track is a little different to 'Even Angels' but nevertheless it is really good. Check it out below:

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