Thursday, 25 March 2010

Trina Amazin' Official Album Cover

Weirdly, I was just looking for a fanmade cover for this album, when I stumbled across the actual official cover, so I thought I would actually post. I am actually excited for this album, as I have liked all the material so far. So check out the cover below:

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All Of Christina Aguilera's BIG NEWS! (Covers, Release Dates, Etc.)

So over the past few days, etc. Christina Aguilera has been teasing her fans with 'Big News' nearly every 24 hours. The first big news reveal, was the single title along with the official cover which can be peaked below:

Then we was given even more news which was the lyrics to the first single, which can be peaked below:

New Glee Promo!

Here is a new Glee promo for all you massive Glee fans (That includes me!). OK, this just looks even more amazing than the first half of the season. I seriously cannot wait - please hurry up these next 3 weeks!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of Glee?

Doctor Who 'The Eleventh Hour' Promo Pics!

So, the wait for new Doctor Who is almost over and you know that I am a massive fan, so when I came across these promo pictures, I thought I would post. The episode looks like it it going to be fantastic! Oh heck, actually the whole series does! Check them out below:

EXCLUSIVE: Rashida - I'm Gonna Go' (Produced By Thunderbytez)

You may remember back at the beginning of the year, I posted a track by Rashida called 'Break Up'. The track was produced by Thunderbytez, an up and coming producer from The Netherlands. Well, he has contacted me recently and is back with a new track called 'I'm Gonna Go'.
The song is really amazing, and Rashida's vocals have really improved. The track's production is just as amazing as the first track - if not, better.
Well check out the song below and download it below:


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Listen: Girlicious - Maniac (Radio Rip)

The amazing Girlicious are back with a new single (that is now being branded as their first single from their upcoming second album). The song is called 'Maniac' and has now been gaining radio airplay. I have the radio rip for you guys to listen to and the song is absolutely amazing. I thought 'Over You' was a great song, but this clearly blows it out of the water.
The video will be shot for this song in April and will be released as soon as possible after the video has been shot. The song will be released to iTunes on April 6th and is rumoured to be released worldwide.
I hope the song actually gets recognition and I really think they could branch further than Canada with this release so fingers crossed. Anyways, onto the song...

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Monica Set To Sell 165-190K!

Some amazing news for Monica - she is expected to sell between 165-190K with her new album 'Still Standing'. This looks to get her a #2 spot on the billboard album charts. Justin Bieber is expected to get #1 with over 200K. A #2 spot is amazing and is such great news for Monica. Its a pity that it will only reach #2 as it could easily have been #1 on a different week, with those type of sales.
In other news, her first single from the album, 'Everything To Me' has finally reached #1 on the Billboards Hot R&B/Hip-Hop song charts.
It seems that Monica is going from strength to strength and that this is indeed a real successful comeback. I am so pleased for her, and wish her well for the future.

If you haven't heard the amazing 'Still Standing', go and grab it from stores today!

Listen: Ke$ha - DUI

Check out this new leaked track from party 'animal' Ke$ha. The track is called 'DUI' and is a really good leak. It is unsure of whether this is a leftover from Animal or not, but either way its a good song. Check it out below and tell me what you think:

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Free Album: Simon Curtis - 8bit Heart

Here is a free album from new unsigned artist Simon Curtis. The album is called '8bit Heart' and consists of electro dance-pop songs.
You may know him from popular Nickelodean movie 'Spectacular!', but now he has turned to music and has produced a full album and released it for free. His sound supposedly is a mix of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, so if that interests you then its worth a download.
Check out the tracklisting below and if you want to download or find out more about Simon Curtis then click the links below.

1. BoyRobot
2. Don't Wanna Be Alone
3. Fell In Love With An Android
4. Super Psycho Love
5. 8Bit Heart
6. Diablo
7. The Neverending Elevator
8. Delusional
9. Joystick
10. Beat Drop
11. Brainwash
12. The Dark (Ft. Jay-Z)
13. Victory

Download the album here.

Find out more about Simon Curtis:
- Twitter
- Myspace
- Facebook

Rumour: Sugababes To Be Dropped From US Label?

I am a bit late in posting this, but I have only got round to actually writing it. So rumour is, that Sugababes have been dropped by their US label, Roc Nation. Apparently, their name has been erased from the Roc Nation website, which could confirm that they have been dropped.
This news comes straight after we find out that Sugababes' latest alubm 'Sweet 7' flopped by only charting at #14 on the UK album charts.
It seems to have gone from bad to worse for the girls, and their album leaking over a month early wouldn't have helped the sales.
I don't dislike the Sugababes, because I actually really like them and their latest album, but I can't see any longevity in the group now tbh.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Jay-Z's Garden Animation

I don't know where this came from or why exactly it was created, but it has been going around. It features an animated Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Kanye West. It is pretty funny, so its worth a watch:

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Another Monica Performance On 106 & Park

I recently posted Monica singing a medley of some of her old tracks. Another video of her singing her latest single 'Everything To Me' on 106 & Park has arose. The performance is amazing, and I really think Monica has pulled it out the bag this time. Check it out below:












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Monica's 'Still Standing' is out to BUY and SUPPORT now!!

Shontelle - Impossible Video Premiere

Here is the official music video to Shontelle's 'Impossible'. The song is amazing and I really can't stop listening. I hope she comes out with her stuff real soon. Check out the video below:
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Usher Interview On 106 & Park

Here is an interview with Usher on 106 & Park. The interview is very long and Usher talks about his upcoming album 'Raymond V. Raymond'. If you are a fan of Usher then make sure you check it out:

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Kat DeLuna's Official 'Push Push' Cover

Here is the official cover to Kat DeLuna's current single 'Push Push' featuring Akon.

The cover looks amazing and Kat looks the best I have seen her.

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Usher - Lil' Freak (Ft. Nicki Minaj) Video Premiere

Here is the official music video to Usher's single 'Lil' Freak' featuring Nicki Minaj. I am not a massive fan of Nicki Minaj but I think she is growing on me. There is something about her that intrigues me. Onto the song and the video, well, the song is growing on me, and tbh I am not a massive fan of videos either so this would be rated as decent by me. Check it out:

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Listen: Carmit Bachar - Cream (First Single)

Here is former PCD member Carmit Bachar's first single called 'Cream'. The song is decent and I think is likeable enough, but its not going to rocket her to stardom. Even Scherzinger has got more chance of that (and that is little chance - no disrespect to Scherzy, I love her!) Take a listen below:

So what do you think of the song? Will it do well?