Friday, 9 April 2010

Cassie Walmart Photoshoot!

Check out a new Cassie photoshoot for Walmart. this photoshoot also features stars from Glee, Gossip Girl and 90210. I think Cassie looks great in these photos, and I really wish she would release some more music soon...damn.

Taio Cruz Featuring Ke$ha 'Dirty Picture' Video Premiere

Check out the official video premiere of Taio Cruz's next single 'Dirty Picture' featuring Ke$ha. Tbh, I prefer Ke$ha's album version of this song, but anyways it is decent enough, so check it out below:

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Monica Performance On Jay Leno

Here is another performance of Monica singing her new single 'Everything To Me'. This time she performed it on Jay Leno. The performance was amazing and as I keep saying, go check out 'Still Standing' in stores now. It is the perfect R&B album and you won't be disappointed. But for now, check out this performance:

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Nicole Scherzinger Interview On Lopez Tonight

Check out this interview of Nicole Scherzinger on Lopez Tonight. I actually really like Nicole Scherzinger and hate how people hate her for no reason. I agree she flopped before she even started but her solo material is actually pretty decent. I hope it gets to see the light of day because I think the material would be decent enough to support. But anyways, check out the interview below:

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Gabriella Cilmi's 'Hearts Don't Lie' Single Cover

Check out Gabriella Cilmi's new single cover for her second single 'Hearts Don't Lie'. I actually really love her new album, and probably wouldn't have chose this song as the next single, but nonetheless it is still a good song. The cover itself though is pretty nice and I love her image this era.

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Doctor Who 'The Eleventh Hour' Review

So, Doctor Who returned last Saturday with a whole new episode, a new Doctor and a whole new look! The episode was called 'The Eleventh Hour' and was a proper corker. They introduced a new companion for the Doctor, as well as a series of new characters. The chemistry between the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy (Karen Gillan) was a good match and I can see that this series will actually be good.
With the whole new look, came a new theme tune as well as new credits, and also a new Tardis interior and exterior and a new sonic screwdriver. So, I can surely say that fans (including me) where definitely treated to a great ep and lots of nice new things.
The episode focused on Prisoner Zero and the Atraxi and the storyline was quite decent for the first episode of the series. So, if you didn't catch the episode then you can watch it on BBC iPlayer here!
The episode apparently pulled in 8 million viewers which I think is good, so the best thing now is to stabilise the viewers, so that Doctor Who still has longevity.

I would give this episode a score of: 8.5/10

Now, check out a new trailer for what is coming up in the rest of the series:

Ciara 'Ride' Set Photos!

Check out these promo pictures from the video to Ciara's upcoming single 'Ride'. Ciara looks real hot, and I can't wait to see what the video will look like and to hear how the song will sound. So check the images out below whilst we are waiting for the video to be released.

Check Out Girlicious' New Single Maniac!

So, this week, Girlicious's new single 'Maniac' was released to iTunes Canada. I previously posted a listen to the Radio Rip, but know you can listen to the whole song uninterrupted. The track is soooooo good, and it has to be one of my most played songs lately. So, go and support the song by buying it on iTunes Canada and get Girlicious known so they can release worldwide!

.::BUY: iTunes Canada::.

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