Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Music: Mariah Carey - Angels Cry (Remix) (Ft. Ne-Yo)

So here it is finally! It has leaked. "Angels Cry" is one of my favourite off her album, "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel". Now it has been remixed and features Ne-Yo. The remix will be featured on her new upcoming remix album "Angels Advocate".

Check it out below:

This is such a fantastic song, and Ne-Yo brings that little bit extra. It is a pretty solid 9/10 for me. For those who want to download, check out the link in the links box underneath the chat.


New Music: Shontelle - Impossible

Here is a new song from Shontelle called "Impossible". This song was produced by Stargate and is to be featured on her upcoming sophomore album, "Licky". The song is pretty decent and is enough to warrant a listen. I'm sure after I listen to it a few times it will have an impact.
I don't mind Shontelle's music as I liked most of her debut album, so I am hoping she brings something good to the table on this new album as she can do much better. 7/10

Listen here:

If you would like to download, use the links box on the left.

Enjoy :)

Mariah Carey's Funny Speech

So I came across this in a few places and thought I would post it for you all to watch. It is really short but really funny. Mariah Carey just makes me laugh and shows she is just like everyone else. She is obviously drunk and can't even string a sentence together, but its pretty funny to watch. Take a peek below:

Doctor Who - The New Doctor!

Ok, so I am a massive Doctor Who fan, so it would be stupid of me not to do a post on the new doctor since updates are quite slow at the moment. David Tennant, the 10th Doctor said his final words, "I don't want to go" last Friday just before regenerating into the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.
I am going to say that I was dreading the change and thought that Matt Smith was going to be rubbish, but I was presently surprised. I hope that he goes on to do well because I still want the show to go on with some kind of success.
So Matt Smith will be showing up on our screens some time in the Spring of 2010 to begin his reign with Series 5. He will be joined by another female companion called Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan.
Check out the new series logo below, for those who haven't seen it:

And now, here is the trailer for the new series which I think looks epic and brings back some old faces. All I can say is...roll on Series 5 because I am sure to be watching, so don't let me down.

Artist Of The Month: January

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been chosen as 24/7 Entertainment's artist of the month as we just can't get enough of her. Her album is absolutely amazing and her live tour leaks have been great to listen to aswell. She is currently touring with her Monster Ball Tour which I believe is doing amazingly well. Let's hope she keeps it up and we hear more from her in 2010.

I will leave you with her new track featuring Beyonce, called "Telephone".


Monica: Still Standing - Episode 10

So as I promised, I am gonna post the link to the next episode. It aired on BET last night and is the 10th out of 12th episodes of Monica's reality show. I haven't watched it yet, but I am sure it is just as good as all the rest of the episodes.

Even if you are or are not a fan of Monica be sure to check this show out cos it is pretty good, and I wait to watch it every Wednesday.

Enjoy :)

New Music: Trina

Firstly I am going to admit that I am not a fan of Trina's music, but this song has grabbed me. It is called Million Dollar Girl and features Keri Hilson and Diddy. It is the official second single from her upcoming 2010 album, Amazin'. I will post it to listen to below, but if you want to download go to the links box on the left.

Enjoy! It's a pretty decent song.

Song Of The Week: Monica - One In A Lifetime

One In A Lifetime is one of the joint first singles from Monica's upcoming album Still Standing. Her album will be released in March so the singles are sure to make an impact soon. The other single she will be releasing along with One In A Lifetime is Love All Over Me.
As this is such an awesome song, I am anticipating listening to Love All Over Me. So as soon as it leaks i'm sure you will definitely be hearing it here.

Hope you enjoy this song and definitely support Monica. You can catch her own reality show Monica: Still Standing every week on BET.

News: Lady Gaga - Comic Book!

Lady Gaga is reportedly getting her own comic book! It is to be titled The Fame and will be published by Bluewater Comics. A picture of it can be sneaked below:

This is good news for Lady Gaga fans. She definitely knows how to put herself out there and appeal to other people. Provided that the comic book isn't a load of nonsense (although I will find that hard to believe) I might actually grab a copy when and if it comes my way. More news when it becomes available.

REQUEST: Pixie Lott - Turn It Up

I have been given my first request from one of my mates. So here it is for anyone to download. I will post the link in the links/request shoutbox. So if you want to download it is there!

Here is the tracklisting for those interested:

1. Mama Do
2. Cry Me Out
3. Band Aid
4. Turn It Up
5. Boys & Girls
6. Gravity
7. My Love
8. Jack
9. Nothing Compares
10. Here We Go Again
11. The Way The World Works
12. Hold Me In Your Arms
13. Use Somebody
14. When Love Takes
15. Without You
16. Rolling Stone
17. Want You
18. What U Do
19. If I Changed