Friday, 15 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar: Vanessa White Just Stays Through The Skin Of Her Teeth!

So here is my last post before I have a break from the blog for a few days. I wanted to get this out the way now as it is fresh in my mind still. The UK TV channel ITV has got a new reality show called "Popstar to Operastar". I, myself, don't usually like this type of music but as the line up was pretty good and Vanessa White from The Saturdays (one of my favourite groups) was appearing on it, I thought it would be worth a watch. The standard was pretty good and amongst my favourites has to be Marcella Detroit, Jimmy Osmond, Bernie Nolan, and of course Vanessa White.
As these stupid UK TV shows are sent to annoy you, it did just that when Vanessa White appeared in the bottom two. There were a lot more worse perfomers and no reason why she should have been there. And to top it off, the judges went to deadlock which meant that she could have easily went home on the first show! However, she got through by the skin of her teeth and will be on next weeks show.
So all those that didn't vote Vanessa better vote her next week, because she definitely has potential and she was not worthy of going home or being it the bottom two. Rant over!
Well it was very good to watch apart from the bottom two, so I will definitely be back watching it next week, so expect to hear more from me.
Anyways I will leave you with this video from The Saturdays which may get the message across to "VOTE VANESSA".

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Important News

I am sorry to say that there will be no updates over the next few days as I am going to be extremely busy and will not be able to access a computer, or the internet. If I get time (which I don't think I will) then I will update all I can.
I will be back soon enough, but thank you for your support and keep watching this space because when I come back the blog will be better than ever.

Enjoy, and if you would like to contact me, feel free to drop a comment/message in the chat box, or email me.

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Ke$ha Tops The Billboard Charts!

So as you all know, Ke$ha topped the Billboard album charts, pushing Susan Boyle from #1. Her new album, "Animal" was projected to sell 100k in the first week, but it beat these projected sales figures by almost 50% more.
Ke$ha definitely has something to be proud of as she also has two singles in the top 10. Ke$ha's first single, "TiK ToK" still remains at #1 on the charts, and her second single has just made it to #7 on the charts. This is massive for Ke$ha and sets her to be the Lady Gaga of 2010.
I have given the album a listen a few times and can now see what the fuss is about as the album is great! I will be reviewing it shortly when I have time available. You will notice I have not updated as much, but I will soon be on form and will update regularly once this week is over.
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New Music Video: JLS - One Shot

Here is the official video for JLS's new single "One Shot". Hope you all like.

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New Music Video: Shontelle - Licky (Under The Covers)

Here is the official music video to Shontelle's song "Licky".

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