Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Monica : Still Standing Finale!

So the time has come and Monica: Still Standing has come to a close. I have watched each of the 12 episodes and it has kept me watching each week. I seriously cannot wait for the album now and anticipate something huge. I really hope this album doesn't disappoint but I cannot see her not having a massive hit on her hands. The album is currently scheduled for early March 2010 and it best not get moved back.
Anyways I have the video here for you all to watch. Let me know what you think and which songs you would like to make the album.

Alternatively, if you want to watch this video, you can watch it through this link: Watch Here

More Jennifer Lopez...

So I have just posted an extended version of J-Lo's new single "Louboutins", but I am gonna post some more about her. Its no new information, but it is just stuff that I find interesting and that I must have missed last year. As I missed it I thought I would add it now...

Firstly, I came across one of J-Lo's recent tweets from her official twitter and she has stated that she is working on the Louboutins choreography - I assume this means for her new video - Woohoo can't wait! She also goes on to say that she is off to record a new song "What Is Love".

This last part of the statement really confused me as I searched in Google and found that "What Is Love" leaked last year. I'm guessing she is re-recording the song so that it sounds different or its a completely different song altogether. If anyone knows please leave a comment.
Here is the song (What Is Love) for those who may have not heard it (that includes me as I only just found out about it) and I must say that this song is just as great as Louboutins. It also features a Nelly Furtado song. A pat on the back for the person who guesses correctly!

-What Is Love-

I have also come across the official video for her song "Fresh Out The Oven". I must have completely dismissed this as I didn't even know this video even existed. Give me credit that I have listened to the song but that is about it. So for this sake I am going to post the video for everyone to watch (Just in case you missed it like me).

It looks like the version that J-Lo is going to be recording is "What Is Love" Part 2. This may be wrong, but please correct me as I would like to know.

New Music: Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins (Extended Version)

Here is the studio version to J-Lo's "Louboutins (Extended Version)". This is the version which she performs live. For example on the AMA's and the Ellen Show performances which she done. It has a dance break in the middle and sounds really good. I love this song anyways and must say its really catchy. The extended version adds more to it and I just can't wait to see what other material she has to offer.
Keep checking back as I am sure to have more about Jennifer Lopez when news becomes available.

Let me know what your views are :)

New Music: Rihanna - Redemption Song (For Haiti Relief)

Here is Rihanna's version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". This is for the Haiti Relief, and can be purchased on US iTunes. So unfortunately I can't download as I am from the UK. This song is a nice rendition and I am pleading for people to go and BUY it and SUPPORT Haiti.
Take a listen to it below:

Thanks and please go BUY!!

Craig David Makes A Comeback!

Craig David is making a comeback early this year. His first single from his upcoming fifth album "Signed Sealed Delivered" will be released on March 15th 2010 in the UK followed by the album release a week later. The new single is called "One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)". The single is a dance track and sounds different to his previous material.
If I am honest, I must say that the track does nothing to me and that I was expecting something different. Maybe the song will slowly grow on me, but at the moment its a bit of a miss rather than a hit.
Anyways take a listen below:

If you would like to download, drop me a message and I will give you a link. I have stopped providing links at the moment for certain reasons. Thanks for reading and tell me your views :)

Monica Live Singing Everything To Me & Still Standing

Here is a quick video I found on youtube. The quality of it is not too bad - their are worse out there. It is a pretty recent video of Monica performing parts of her new single "Everything To Me" as well as singing "Still Standing". I love both of these songs and must say that Monica did her thing and her vocals were on top.
Here is the video, be sure to let me know your views - it is quite long but skip some of it if you have to:

Girls Can't Catch - Echo Out Now + Listen To B-Side "Love Shy"

OK so I know this is a little late into the week, but its better than not posting about it at all. Girls Can't Catch's second single "Echo" is now out to buy in CD form and on iTunes. If you buy it on iTunes you will get a live recording of "Echo" from last years iTunes festival. If you buy it is CD form then you will get an exclusive b-side.
For those who want to hear their b-side "Love Shy" from the Echo single, then I have got it for you to listen.

Tell me your views and also go out and SUPPORT Girls Can't Catch and BUY their single so that they gain a high chart position.