Thursday, 28 January 2010

Is Heroes Doomed?

After the news of Ugly Betty's cancellation, it seems nothing is safe from being cancelled. Especially Heroes!
Heroes has been seeing a massive drop in numbers of viewers over their latest series. They are currently in their fourth season and are hanging on by the grip of their teeth. NBC are currently making a decision on whether to keep Heroes or not, so the question I'm asking "Is Heroes Doomed?"

What do you think? Should Heroes be cancelled?

New Music: The Black Eyed Peas - Grapes

Here is a new song by The Black Eyed Peas. it was produced by David Guetta and is called "Grapes". I cannot find the download link but it is here to listen. It sounds good and is typical BEP material. I think this song will grow on me as I love BEP.


Take a listen and comment your thoughts :)

Ugly Betty Gets Cancelled!!!!

OK, everyone, Ugly Betty has been cancelled by ABC. Damn, I can't believe I have just said those words. Damn you ABC!
So all Ugly Betty fans, the end of the show is in sight and this is very very bad news. I am utterly pissed off with this and can't believe ABC has pulled the plug on another show I am so dedicated to. ABC need to seriously re-think and get their act together.
So, the end of Season 4 which is currently still airing in America will be the last adventures we have with Betty and ABC has said that they have let producers know early so that they can wrap the show up nicely. At least the show will be wrapped up rather than leaving us with a cliffhanger - so that I am glad of.
However, I just can't get my head around the fact that I will not be seeing Betty in the autumn.
I urge all fans to ditch ABC and show your love to Betty.
Thank you that is all I have to say on the matter.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad Betty is being cancelled?

Christina Aguilera's Album Now Set For April

Christina Aguilera's upcoming fourth album "Bionic" has now been set for an April release. Previously it was confirmed to be released in March. I am not sure why it has been pushed back but it has. Maybe they are moving it so more time can be spent on recording and perfecting the album. If this is the case, then the album is going to need to be a piece of art.
I am not particularly looking forward to this album as I am not a massive fan of Aguilera. However, if she drops some good material, who knows she may convert me.

What do you think of this news?

Mariah Carey Video's Premiere!

So earlier this week I reported that Mariah Carey's two new video's, "Angels Cry (Ft. Ne-Yo)" and "Up Out My Face (Ft. Nicki Minaj)" were not going to premiere until next Tuesday. This was from Mariah's twitter, but now it seems the video's have premiered today (the day they were initially supposed to).
Anyways here are both of the videos:

-Angels Cry (Ft. Ne-Yo)-

-Up Out My Face (Ft. Nicki Minaj)-

I have watched both videos and I can say they are just OK videos. I didn't expect much from them anyway. So the first video "Angels Cry"...What can I say...It's a pretty boring video, there isn't much to it and I feel that the feature of Ne-Yo does the song no justice. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Ne-Yo, but the song was perfect as it was. The inclusion of Ne-Yo makes this song much weaker, and at the end he tries to sing alongside Mariah on the big notes. This is ultimately stupid as his vocal range does not stretch as far as Mariah's. I wish she would have scrapped all these features because they aren't all that.
Onto the second video "Up Out My Face"...Firstly, this song was so much better without the feature of Nicki Minaj, who I really dislike. I don't see any point of her being on the song because yet again she does it no justice. The video was decent, but they seemed to have been slapped together and I feel that both the videos were kind of weak.
What are your views? Do you agree or disagree?

New Music: Iyaz - Solo (Mastered)

Here is the mastered version of Iyaz's song "Solo". Let me know your views on it.

*All download links have been removed
PM me if you want a link*

Enjoy :)

Ne-Yo Mixtape: Gentlemanlike 5

Here is a new mixtape from Ne-Yo "Gentlemanlike 5". I am currently downloading so I don't know what its like. When and if I get round to listening to it, I will let you know my views. Anyways here is the download link:

*All download links have been removed
PM me if you want a link*

Let me know your views, enjoy :)