Saturday, 30 January 2010

IMPORTANT: No Updates Over The Weekend

This is important for those who view this site. I will not be updating over the weekend. I never have time on the weekend to update but if I get time and their is stuff to post then of course I will update but other than that, don't expect to see much on here until Sunday night/Monday.

Many thanks for your continued support :)

Gabriella Cilmi - Why It's Called "Ten"!

I have come across the reason why Gabriella Cilmi named her album "Ten". This is what she had to say on the matter:
My birthday this year is on 10/10/10. Ten has always been my lucky number and it has a good energy around it.
I think this is a good enough reason for a title of the album, and to me it makes sense. At least the album title is personal to her and can be related to.

Also, I have been told that a new song from her album "Ten" is going around called "Defender". Unfortunately I cannot find it, but I can direct you to a few clips on her official website. If you go to the top left hand corner you can play these clips. Obviously, when the full songs leak I will post them here.

Link: Gabriella Cilmi's Official Website

In other news, I have found a remix to her her new single "On A Mission". It weirdly features rapper Eve, but I think it still sounds great. Check it out below:

I believe I am the first to post about some of these things, so please quote me, if you use this information as it is my own. Thanks :)