Monday, 8 March 2010

Round 2 In Sugababes Name Fight!

So Round 2 in the Sugababes name fight, and the members of Sugababes 4.0 are confident that they will not have to change their name.
Apparently, the name belongs to the record company they are with already. I do not know if this information is true or not, but there are conflicting reports.
Anyways, it looks like its business as usual for the time being as a spokesperson for the group said;
"The right to use the name Sugababes in connection with all recorded music continues to be under the control of Island Records. Contrary to some recent misleading reports regarding an attempted trademark application from last year, it's business as usual for Heidi, Amelle and Jade."
Oh well, I will report on the next round when something occurs. I would personally love to see the name change happen because I think it would be hilarious and would spell trouble - but I'm just being cruel ;)

What do you think? Discuss below!

24/7's Pick Of The Day: Chrisette Michele - On My Own

I was flicking through my iTunes library onto tracks I haven't heard in a little while and I came across this! I have become such a fan of this woman. I remember how she got #1 album and no one knew who she was. I decided to listen to the album and its a hit! Here is my pick from the album - I love it! Check it out below:

'Chrisette Michele - On My Own'

What do you think? Remember to come back tomoro for the pick of the day to see what song I will choose!

New Lady Gaga 'Telephone' Promo Pic!

To tide you over till Thursday here is a new promo pic from Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video!

Hurry the feck up with this vid because I am becoming impatient now lol :D

24/7 Recommends... Jason Derülo Album

Yes, I definitely recommend this album to my readers!
If you haven't heard this amazing album yet - then you are definitely missing out! If you have heard and loved both his singles then you have yet to hear anything yet. The album is full of great R&B/Pop tracks and is such a great listen. If I am honest, it is very short, but it is one of those albums that makes an impact. Check out this pick from the album, which I absolutely love.

'Love Hangover'

I will be reviewing this album very soon, so definitely stay tuned!

New Feature: 24/7's Pick Of The Day

I have decided to do a new feature called '24/7's Pick Of The Day'. I will try to do this daily if I can, but I will post this as much as I can. For this feature I will feature a song/video or both that I like. This will include old and new music.
I like to hear your input, so if there are any songs you think should be the pick of the day then comment or leave a message in the chat box!

Thanks :)