Sunday, 25 July 2010

Natasha Bedingfield's Next Album To Be Titled 'Strip Me'

Natasha Bedingfield has been working on her fourth studio album which has now been confirmed to be titled 'Strip Me' and will be released sometime this fall. I am guessing that she will only be releasing in America again then. Either way I will still get to hear the album, regardless of where it is released. Here is the message she posted on her official Twitter:
"Drum roll please... I have decided my album name!!! Its called Strip Me. And Its coming out this fall :)"
I also came across this really short snippet of a track called Strip Me by Natasha Bedingfield which also sounds promising:

I am really excited about this new album and actually hope that she does bring it out this fall because I need some new Natasha in my life. I loved all of her previous material and all of her new material, Touch, Speechless and Shoot For The Stars, so I have high hopes for more new material.

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Download: Andra Mixtape

I had never of Andra before until the other day. I came across her mixtape/album and couldn't believe how catchy it was. You can follow her on Twitter if you want to find out more about her: The mixtape/album is called Love Is 4 Suckaz/I'm A Sucka 4 Love. You can download the mixtape for free or stream it below:



I really love the tracks Credit Card, Ova There, and Ow (That Hurt's). What ones do you like?

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Exclusive Listen: Zarif - Seen It All Before

Here is another exclusive listen of a track from Zarif's first album 'Box Of Secrets' due to be released on August 23rd. This track is called 'Seen It All Before' and is a really good track too. I really hope that you guys go and support Zarif because I think she deserves to make it big. Enjoy this track and don't hesitate to give her a shoutout on her Twitter or Facebook.

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Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 3

Here is the final video (for the moment) of the Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves videos. This one features the choreographer of the film (Jamal Sims) and talks and shows the different styles of dance in the film. It is really interesting and a must see for fans of dance, etc. Enjoy!

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Exclusive Listen: Zarif - The Day The Music Left Me

Zarif is a new British singer-songwriter who will be releasing her debut album titled Box Of Secrets on August 23rd. I recently did an interview with her which you can check out here. Here is an exclusive track taken from the album. She will be posting new songs from the album every week before its release so if you want to keep up to date, then visit her YouTube here.
Anyways, here is the first track and its called 'The Day The Music Left Me'. It is a really good track and I am looking forward to the album, so enjoy and please support Zarif.

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Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 2

Here is the second video from the set of behind-the-scenes videos entitled Behind The Moves for the Step Up 3D film. This is another good video and is a must watch for any Step Up or dancing fan.

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Listen: The Saturdays - Headlines (Clips)

The Saturdays are due to release their third album Headlines consisting of 8 tracks on the 16th August. The album will consist of their new single Missing You, plus 3 tracks Ego, Forever Is Over and One Shot (althought it will be a remix on this album) from their previous album Wordshaker. The rest of the tracks are new tracks that have not been heard from the band before. Check out the clips to the new tracks below:

Order of new clips:
1. Higher
2. Died In Your Eyes
3. Karma
4. Puppet
5. One Shot (Starsmith Mix)

The new tracks sound amazing and Higher sounds really good in studio version aswell. They have been performing Higher in most of the Summer shows they have been doing. Died In Your Eyes is a cover of Kristinia DeBarge's version. I really can't wait to get this album now

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Listen: Katy Perry - Teenage Dreams (Single)

Here is Katy Perry's second single called 'Teenage Dreams'. This is the title track of her upcoming sophomore album and is a completely different track from her first single. That doesn't necessarily mean that the track is not as good though. So California Gurls was a huge success and was such a catchy tune. But what is this like?
This track may not be as catchy and I must admit that I was underwhelmed after first listen. But after hearing it a few times, I must say that it is quite a stomper. It is already racking up masses of airplay on the radio, so I can smell another hit coming on...Check it out below:

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Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 1

Step Up 3D is due for a release in cinemas on August 6th. Vevo has got exclusive videos from the cast and creators of the movie to give a short video entitled Behind The Moves. It shows behind-the-scenes footage from the film and is a really good watch for all fans that ware awaiting the release of the film. There are currently 3 parts of this little behind-the-scenes videos. I think there will be more to come, so if they become available I will post them. Check the first out below:

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The Saturdays Perform 'Missing You' On Suck My Pop

Here is the first televised performance of Missing You featuring all 5 members of The Saturdays. They have performed this song on T4 on the beach but only with 4 members due to Mollie being ill. This song is the first single from The Saturdays's mini album 'Headlines'. The song is really good and I hope it does well for the girls. The performance is actually really good aswell and it seems that they are singing live. The performance was for a new show on Viva called 'Suck My Pop!'. The performance is half music video/performance on stage. It is not their official music video but was made for the show. Hope you like and Enjoy!

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Natasha Bedingfield Performs Touch (2010 Do Something Awards)

I think I posted Natasha singing this song before, but here is a performance of her new (promo?) single titled 'Touch'. So if you missed the last performance, here is a more recent performance. The track is really good and I am eagerly awaiting more material from Natasha. This performance was on the 2010 Do Something Awards. The performance was quite good and I just love Natasha live. Check it out below:

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Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream' Album Covers + Tracklisting

Katy Perry will be releasing her sophomore album entitled 'Teenage Dreams' next month. Specifically the release date has been set for August 24th. This week, her album cover was revealed. There are two different versions to the album cover. One that features text, and the other that is just a picture with no text. Here are the covers and tracklisting:

1st Cover:

2nd Cover:

Official Tracklisting:
1. Teenage Dream
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
3. California Gurls (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
4. Firework
5. Peacock
6. Who Am I Living For?
7. The One That Got Away
8. E.T.
9. Circle The Drain
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not Like The Movies

I personally prefer the cover with text on because thats just how I am. The cover looks really good imo aswell. The tracklisting also looks quite decent so I can't wait to see how this album sounds, especially after the amazing California Gurls lead single.

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