Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Listen: Jennifer Lopez - Starting Over

The wonderful Jennifer Lopez has had another track leaked. This song is called 'Starting Over' and is amazing! She sang it live not too long ago along with another song called 'Pieces' which I hope leaks aswell soon. Really check out this cool track and enjoy!

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Listen: Lady Gaga - Fountain Of Truth

Here is a new track by Lady Gaga called Fountain Of Truth. It comes from a children's book called 'The Portal In The Park' which has seven songs accompanying it. Two songs out of the seven feature Lady Gaga, and this track is one of them.
It is not the usual Gaga track but nonetheless, the song is quite good, nothing ground breaking though! Check it out below and enjoy:

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Confirmed: Jennifer Lopez Signed To Def Jam For New Album

After news that Jennifer Lopez had been dropped from her record company and that her upcoming album 'Love?' was to be scrapped. News came that the singer was still working on the album and lots of rumours occurred as to her being signed to a new label.
It has now been confirmed by Jennifer Lopez herself that she is now signed to Def Jam! It is also rumoured that L.A. Reid will produce Jennifer's new album.

I am really pleased that J-Lo has been given another chance and that 'Love?' will actually see the light of day. I really think there was some pleasing material and that this album would be good. I still have high hopes and hope that the album does get released this year.
When more news becomes available, expect to see it here!

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Mini Viva 'One Touch' Video Premiere

I don't know if any of you guys like Mini Viva, but I came across this new video of theirs and thought I would post it. The video is for new single 'One Touch'. I can honestly say that I am not bothered about this pair, and that they flopped with their last single. I cannot see them actually getting anywhere, but who knows what will happen in the music industry as it is at the moment. So check it out below and see what you think:

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Confirmed: There Is No Girls Aloud Feud

So the other day/week or whatever, I posted about Nadine Coyle maybe dropping out of Girls Aloud and that some members have been moaning about her. Well, it has appeared today that this may be untrue as member Sarah Harding gave an interview with Daily Star and the following was said:
"There's so much s**t out there at the moment. Don't believe everything you read. I don't know when I last spoke to her (Nadine Coyle). But we've not fallen out. That's b*llocks."
She also claimed that there is no truth in the feud whatsoever. So there you have it. Girls Aloud stand strong for another day.

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Christina Aguilera On Air Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Here is an interview with Christina Aguilera on air talking to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. She talks about Burlesque as well as her new album, Bionic. I know many of you are Christina Aguilera fans so this is definitely worth a listen, so check it out below:

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Keane 'Stop For A Minute' Video Premiere

Here is the official video to Keane's new single 'Stop For A Minute' taken from their Night Train EP. I was given the heads up about this, so I thought I would post for anybody that may be a Keane fan. I am not really a fan, but watch the video below and enjoy:

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Kat DeLuna 'Push Push' Dance!

Check out this video from Kat DeLuna's YouTube page where Kat shows off her moves for the dance to 'Push Push'. She is actually quite a good dancer, and I can't wait to see how the video is going to look. I really like the song, so I hope Kat DeLuna's time is now, so go and support!

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Behind The Scenes: Ciara & Ludacris - Ride Video

So as you know, news of Ciara releasing new music arose and I weren't too sure if it was official, but looking at this video just confirms it is! The video does not show much, but you can hear her new song 'Ride' in the background and it sounds like a banger. I am actually quite excited for it, and it looks like the video is going to feature a hot Ciara (Woohoo, counts down till sees the video). Check it out below and let me know what ya think:

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Trina Interview & Performance On The Mo'Nique Show

One of my favourite female rappers at the moment was on The Mo'Nique Show recently and did an interview as well as a performance of 'Million Dollar Girl'. The performance was good, but she was rapping over the track so it was not as good as it could have been. The interview was also quite good, so check both of them out below:


'Million Dollar Girl Performance'

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Single Cover: Leighton Meester's 'Your Love's A Drug'

If you are a fan of Leighton Meester then check out the official cover to her single 'Your Love's A Drug'. The song was leaked in January, and it has taken till now for them to decide to release it. The song is now available to buy on iTunes so go check it out. The song is decent enough so in case you haven't heard it then check it out below first:

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Kat DeLuna's 'Push Push' Promo Run

Check out this video which shows Kat DeLuna's crazy run of promo for her new single 'Push Push'. It seems she is really trying to get it out there, so I hope it does well for her! I honestly do not know why she does not get any recognition cos she truly has a talent. So check out this video and please support Kat DeLuna to help her hit the top!

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Selena Gomez Sings Naturally (Acapella English/Spanish) Live

I have lately became a fan of Selena Gomez after hearing the song 'Naturally'. I then came across this video on someone's blog, so I thought I would post aswell. Check out Selena Gomez singing an acapella version of 'Naturally' with most parts being in English and the rest in Spanish.
Who knew she could actually sing live, and she actually sounds really good! So check it out below:

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