Thursday, 7 January 2010

SPECIAL REQUEST: Rashida - Break Up (Produced By Thunderbytez)

So guys this is a special post which I have been requested to write. I have an exclusive for you all! This is a new track by a new artist called Rashida. The song is called "Break Up" and was produced by "Thunderbytez" from The Netherlands. I have been told that this was produced 2 days ago so I am the first to blog about this.
Firstly can I say that this is really impressive and the production on the track is excellent. I did not have any doubts about the track at all from the first second of listening. It is definitely a grower and is worth listening to. I am pleading that you download this track and support both the artist and the producer.
If you want to know anymore about the producer or follow him, you can catch him on his facebook page:

Anyway you will be wanting a download link so here it is: Download Here

Enjoy :)

New Music: Destiny's Child

Here is another unreleased track from Destiny's Child. It is called "Life Like This" and is a whole lot better than the track that leaked yesterday. Check it out below:
You can also download from the links box.

Enjoy :)

New Music: Monica

Here is a new track from Monica. It leaked in long snippet form last year and now it has appeared mastered. I'm not sure if this is the fully complete version but it comes very close to it.
Anyways with that said, Monica has brought another song that I love. I am really anticipating this new album and can't wait so fingers crossed that it doesn't get pushed back. 9/10.
So here it is:

Enjoy :)

New Music: Mariah Carey

So two new leaked tracks from Mariah Carey in two days...not bad. This track is another from her upcoming remix album "Angels Advocate". The song is called "Up Out My Face" and features Nicki Minaj.
Its not that bad actually. Nicki Minaj adds something more to the song, but I just don't think these remixes are anything amazing. Anyways I would rate this a pretty solid 7.5/10.
Check it out below:

Enjoy :)

New Music Video: Keke Wyatt - Who Knew?

So I not too long ago posted the mp3 link to Keke Wyatt's new song "Who Knew?". I have now come across the music video for it. The video is nothing special but is decent enough.
As I said previously, I did not know who Keke Wyatt was until now but I always like finding new artists to listen to, so I will be checking her out. Anyways take a view of the video here:

Enjoy :)

New Music: Mega Post

Today we have a bigger post than usual. Not much has leaked, but I have a few songs that might be worthy of a download or two.

First up is Alexandra Burke. I have the original version of her new b-side to "Broken Heels". The song is called "Fear Of Flying" and is a pretty good b-side. I think the song is amazing and has a great instrumental to it. 9/10.


Next up is Keke Wyatt's "Who Knew?". I have seen many people ask about this song, so I have uploaded it. I must admit I have not heard of her, but this song is pretty decent and worthy of a download to. Expect to hear more from Keke Wyatt this year as I believe more music may be coming soon. 7/10.


Usher is the next up, and a new song called "Oh My Gosh" has been leaked. It was produced by Will.I.Am and is not a bad song. I will listen to it a few more times before I can give a proper review. First listen: 7/10.


Next is another Beyoncé remix for the song "Waiting". This version features NatStar. How many versions of this song are gonna be leaked. I mean I love Beyoncé and the original song as well as the Stargate remix but this just does nothing for me. I don't care for this remix so I won't bother giving it a score out of 10. Next.


Finally we have a new leak from Destiny's Child. The song is called "Twirk" and is an old song from their earlier recording days, so sorry no new material from them. This song is not great and does nothing for them. I really like Destiny's child but you can clearly see why this song never saw the light of day. 5/10.

So that is it. I will not be posting the links in the box as you can download by clicking on the divshare icon on each player. Enjoy :)

News: Lady Gaga's 3rd Album For The End Of 2010

As Lady Gaga is the artist of the month it seems right to post this quick little message that her 3rd album is to be officially released towards the end of 2010. I, myself, can't wait as I like what she has to offer. So it will be good to see what she offers this time. Fingers crossed, more news becomes available.