Friday, 30 April 2010

Christina Aguilera 'Not Myself Tonight' Video Premiere

After a long wait, Christina's new video for lead single 'Not Myself Tonight' taken from her upcoming 'Bionic' album is here.
The video is amazing and I can safely say that Christina is not herself in this one. But this does not mean that it is a bad thing; in fact it actually plays to her strengths.
Yes, you may notice similarities to other artists, but I am going to choose to not talk about them this time. I have already watched the video twice, so I think it is definitely worth your time. Check it out below:

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Behind The Scenes Of Girlicious' 'Maniac' Video

Check out this great behind the scenes video for Girlicious's upcoming video for 'Maniac'. The video is expected to see a premiere on the 4th of May, so stay tuned for it. This video looks into the ideas behind the video, etc. and also they talk about their second album, and that they even wrote stuff on it. Anyways, the video looks like it will be some sexy amazing thing...I can't wait!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Charice Album Stream

Charice's debut album is going to be released on May 11th. So to celebrate, she is deciding to share her music with us through an album stream. Each day a new song is revealed through the widget so make sure you check it out. By the time her album comes out, the widget will have previewed the whole of her album. So think of it as a kind of listening part/stream for her new album.
I can't wait to hear the rest of her material, so if you are the same, then check it out below:








You can keep up to date with the widget, which is being displayed in the sidebar.

Let me know you thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Jason Derülo 'Ridin' Solo' Video Premiere

Jason Derulo is back with his third single (correct me if I'm wrong) called 'Ridin' Solo'. I actually can't believe this was made as single out of the rest of the material on his album. His last 2 singles done really well and I hope he does well with this aswell. I don't think it will have the same impact as another song choice would have been better. I'm not saying I don't like the song, but its decent enough, and the video is just decent to go with it. So check it out below:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Listen: Eminem's New Single 'Not Afraid'

The best white male rapper alive, Eminem, is finally back with his new track 'Not Afraid' taken from his seventh studio album 'Recovery'. 'Recovery' is expected to be released in June which isn't too far away. But how does his first single fare?
Well, Eminem is definitely back and this track is as great as the rest of his material. It has got me listening to a backlog of his old albums, and I am seriously hyped for this new album. It might take a few times to listen to it for it to make an impact but it will definitely do well for him I think. Listen below and let me know your thoughts:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Watch Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business Episode 3

I like to post this so that those who missed the episode are able to watch this. Here is the third episode of the reality show 'Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business'. I still haven't got round to watching the second episode, but I loved the first, so I can safely say its worth watching and following. It makes me appreciate and love Brandy even more. But somehow I just can not warm to Ray J. Maybe this will pass. Anyways, check it out below:

Tell me what you thought in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Behind The Scenes Of Charice's 'Pyramid' Video Featuring Iyaz

Check out this behind the scenes video of Charice's Pyramid video which featured Iyaz. Charice is one of my favourite new artists and I really have grown to like the song. It's really good to get an insight into the ideas and how the video was made. Charice's debut album will be released on may 11th so make sure you go and SUPPORT her by BUYING the album. Thanks :)

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Esmée Denters 'Love Dealer' Featuring Justin Timberlake Video Premiere

Lots of videos have premiered this week. And adding to the list is Esmée Denter's next single 'Love Dealer' featuring Justin Timberlake. I really love this track and am glad that it has been given single treatment. The video however was not as I expected. It was very plain, but nevertheless, very decent. I think that more could have happened and that Justin Timberlake could have done a bit more. There wasn't really any dancing, so it could have been a little better, but either way its a great track and I hope it does well.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy :)

N-Dubz Featuring Bodyrox 'We Dance On' Video Premiere

Here is the video to the lead single from the soundtrack of an upcoming british dance movie called 'StreetDance 3D'. The track is by N-Dubz and features Bodyrox. The track is really good and is the first I have heard of the song and film. The film is expected to be released on May 21st in the UK. So check this video out and let me know what you think:

Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Alexandra Burke 'All Night Long' Featuring Pitbull Video Premiere

After a little wait, here is Alexandra Burke's next video for her single 'All Night Long' which features Pitbull. To be honest the video is nothing spectacular and I expected a lot better. I am not going into anything about her being like Gaga or anything because everyone will start arguing, so the comparisons are best left for you lot to point out.
I don't dislike Alex as she was my fav to win the X Factor and I love her debut album and all her material. I just think that the video is really poor and that the original album version of the song is much better. The inclusion of Pitbull does no favours for me. Well, you can judge for yourselves to see what you think:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Gabriella Cilmi 'Hearts Don't Lie' Video Premiere

Gabriella Cilmi's second single from her sophomore album 'Ten' is the wonderful 'Hearts Don't Lie'. I really like the song, but I do prefer other tracks on the album, so I hope some other songs get single treatment aswell. The video is decent enough and is worth watching for all Gabriella fans. I think she looks sexy and I know I keep saying but I love this new look lol. Take a look at the video below and see what you think:

*Updated with actual video*

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Listen: LeToya - One Time

Another leaked track from this week comes from LeToya. She released her second studio album 'Lady Love' last year which I really liked and this track may have been from those recordings or for her first album, who knows? lol. Either way the track is very decent and is a typical LeToya song. So for those that dig LeToya like I do, then check this song out:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Listen: Ke$ha - Boy Like You

Very late in posting as usual. But I am catching up on posts and will be sharing all the stuff that I missed. I don't usually post Ke$ha leaks, as most unreleased tracks aren't worth writing home about. However, this track has got to be the best unreleased track that should have made the album. I think it would have fit in nicely, and as a result is one of my 'Bonus Tracks' for her 'Animal' album on my iPod lol. To hear what all the fuss is about, check the track out below:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monica's 'Still Standing' Gets Gold Certification & Talks About Possible Brandy Collaboration

Monica is definitely standing strong and has something to be pleased about. Last week it was announced that her sixth studio album 'Still Standing' had been certified Gold by the RIAA. She has sold over 500,000 copies of her album over four weeks after the album was released.
This is really good news for Monica and I am glad that all her hard work has paid off and that she is as successful as ever. Hopefully this paves way for more material from her soon :)

In other news, it seems that Monica could be duetting with Brandy once again very soon. They teamed up together when they were both young to release the hit 'The Boy Is Mine'. They had a feud when they were younger but now that they have grown up they have ended their feud. Check this video out which shows Brandy praising Monica's recent success and Monica discussing the feud and how a duet could be on the cards. Enjoy :)

Well I am really pleased with this news. I really hope they duet again cos I loved 'The Boy Is Mine' and also they are both my fav.

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)                                     

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Brandy, Ray J & Family On The Wendy Williams Show

As you may or may not know, Brandy and Ray J have a reality programme based around their family and their business. As such they have been going on a  massive promotional run which has included many interviews. This is one of their latest interviews which was on the Wendy Williams Show. I have watched the interview and she first speaks to Brandy. She gets the lowdown on certain things and even tries to dig into Brandy's unfortunate car accident. Ray J and then the rest of their family come on twoards the end. It really is a good watch, so I suggest everyone take time to watch it. You can also catch their reality programme on VH1 on Sundays.

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Alexandra Burke 'All Night Long' Cover + Live Performance

I don't know if I am late in posting this or not but anyways, you can check out the official cover to Alexandra's next single 'All Night Long' featuring Pitbull below:

I also then came across this performance of 'All Night Long' on Dancing On Ice. The clip is about a month old but I did not post it back then so I thought I would post it now. So check it out, as Alexandra is really good and I really dig this song:

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Esmée Denters Love Dealer Official Cover + Another Video Clip

I recently came across the official cover to Esmée Denter's new single 'Love Dealer' featuring Justin Timberlake. The cover looks really good and can be peeked below:

As well as this, I also came across an extended version of the Love Dealer clip I posted not too long ago. The clip looks really good and the video will premiere on the 28th of this month so not too long to wait now.

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Listen: Monica - Everything To Me (Missy Elliott Remix)

A remix to Monica's hit single 'Everything To Me' has recently appeared. It is a Missy Elliott remix that also features Notorious B.I.G.
The track sounds massively different to the original track, but this isn't a bad thing. I must say that this version is very catchy as well and stands on its own. I obviously prefer the original version, but for a remix (I usually hate remixes) this is really really good. So check it out below:

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Listen: Fantasia - Bittersweet

I'm not too far behind in posting this, but I definitely think this is worth a listen. This track is now been dubbed as the official first single for Fantasia's next album. The first single was originally supposed to be the amazing 'Even Angels' but somehow that didn't take off. This track is a little different to 'Even Angels' but nevertheless it is really good. Check it out below:

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below :)

Friday, 23 April 2010

In Case You Missed It: Glee Vogue Video

For all you GLEEKS out there, I thought I would post the wonderful Vogue video taken from the latest episode of Glee. This is the first song to feature Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)'s vocals. The video pays homage to Madonna, and is really good so defo take a watch:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Sugababes Start Recording Next Album

Sweet 7 singers, the Sugababes, are reportedly back in the studio already working on their next album. They released their seventh studio album, Sweet 7 last month, and to be honest it didn't do as well as they planned. They didn't even enter the UK top 10 album charts, and the best they did was enter at #5 on the Greek album charts.
Not much is known right now but their manager, Mark Hargreaves has said a few words:
"They're a very happy group today. They can't wait to get back into the studio and bring back that feelgood factor."
I suppose its the best thing for them as nothing will come out of Sweet 7. In other news, the Sugababes will be re-recording their single 'Girls' to feature Jade Ewen's vocals instead so that it can be used to promote US department store JC Penney.

So what do you think? Comment below :)

Christina Dismisses Lady Gaga Likeness

Last week, or some time not so long ago, Akon let his thoughts be known to everyone, by saying that Christina Aguilera is now mirroring the look and sound of Lady Gaga. I don't think this is true and was proud of Christina for hitting out by dismissing these allegations.
On the subject she hit back by saying:
"It just comes with the territory. That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on. I've been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself."
I am so glad that Christina said this. I am actually getting annoyed of people keep comparing everyone to Gaga. Gaga did not create everything and everyone don't follow her suit. Everyone has their own individuality which sets themselves aside from each other.
I will admit that in an earlier post that I said that Alexandra Burke looked a bit like Gaga in a photo. I weren't trying to say that she was copying her, but just pointing out something that I thought.

What do you think? Comment below :)

Glee To Do A Madonna Sequel?

According to reports, a sequel to Glee's Madonna episode which aired this week could be on the cards. The episode which pulled in over 13 million viewers was undoubtedly a hit. Due to the success that the episode got, Glee's creator Ryan Murphy says that he is in talks with Madonna's people and that they are keen on it happening.

Also, there is talks that Madonna will feature herself and that viewers can choose (via a poll) as to which songs will be included in the episode. Of course, this is all just talk at the moment, so none of this is set in stone, but if any news becomes official then I will confirm for you guys.

Well, I really enjoyed this weeks Glee episode and would actually go as far to say that this was the best Glee episode yet. However, I think that another Madonna episode will not have the same effect, and that it would potentially kill the whole theme. Please, just stick to this episode, now guys!

What do you all think? Comment below :)

30 Second Clip Of Esmée Denter's Love Dealer Video

Check out this 30 second clip taken from Esmée Denter's next video 'Love Dealer' featuring Justin Timberlake. This is may favourite track from Esmée and I am looking forward to the video, which will be premiering on the 28th April, which is quite soon. For now, we will have to settle with this clip (which by the way looks really good):

What do you think? Comment below :)

Doctor Who 'Victory Of The Daleks' Review

Another Saturday gone and another episode of Doctor Who we fans get to see. I am very late in posting this, but as you know, I have taken a break from posting. But anyways, onto the actual episode.
Last Saturday was the third episode from the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. The episode was called 'Victory Of the Daleks' and featured the return of the Daleks in another deadly form. This time the Daleks were known as Ironsides and we're supposedly created to help battle and win the second world war.
However, the Daleks had an ulterior motive and were in face trying to create a new type of Dalek. During the episode we got to see new Daleks in a multitude of colours and much larger than they used to be.
You can expect to see the Daleks again, as they managed to escape this time (much to the Doctor's annoyance).
I can't really say much about this episode as I really dislike these types of stories and this is definitely the worst episode from the new series. I expect next weeks one (tomorrow) to be spectacular as it sees the return of an old character and old villains.
I give this episode a 6/10.

Did you watch it? If so, what did you think? Comment below :)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Esmée Denters And Justin Timberlake Interview

Check out this interview with Esmée Denters and Justin Timberlake on the set of her new video for her next single 'Love Dealer'. The interview was really good, and you get an insight into how the two met, and how the song came about. There are also snippets from the upcoming music video, and it looks as if its gonna be good. This has to be my favourite song from her album so I'm really happy its getting recognition and that its gonna be released.

If you haven't heard Esmée's album titled 'Outta Here' then go check it out now!

What do you think? Comment below :)

American Idol Gives Back Performances

Here are the performances from American Idol Gives Back. Alicia Keys, The Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood and Joss Stone performed. These performances were all good and are definitely worth checking out:

'Alicia Keys - Unthinkable/Empire State Of Mind (Part II)'

'The Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body'

'Joss Stone - I Put A Spell On You'

'Carrie Underwood - Change'

What do you think? Comment below :)

Jason Derülo & Pixie Lott To Duet

According to Jason Derülo's latest tweet's you should be expecting to hear a duet with him and Pixie Lott. This is what he wrote on his twitter:
"The UK's very own.. The lovely Pixie Lott and I, in the studio.. Such a crazy CAT! Lol.. Look out for the duet..."
This sounds like its gonna be good. I like both Jason and Pixie so I like to see where they go with this.
I know she is re working her Turn It Up album for the US, so maybe a track will be featured on there?

What do you think? Comment below :)

Alexandra Burke Video News & Pics

Since I was not around to post these pictures from Alexandra Burke's next video for her song 'All Night Long', I thought I would post these pictures now.

The pics look good, but I'm sorry to say that she looks too much like gaga in the last picture. I love Alexandra but come on now, please don't change, and you know people will start talking!
Anyways, apparently for this video she got help from lots of family and friends to help shoot the video using 100 pocket cameras to film a house party for the video.
On the filming of the video she said:
"Some of the footage filmed was interesting, to say the least. I just wanted to do something different. Filming the video was the most fun ever."
What do you think? Comment below :)

Glee, The Music: Volume 3 - Showstoppers Covers & Tracklisting

The next volume of Glee songs will be released on May 18th. We are now on Volume 3 and it will be titled Showstoppers. There will be 2 versions of this volume, a standard edition and a deluxe edition, both of which have different covers and can be seen below:

Here is the official tracklisting for the volume:

1. Hello Goodbye
2. Gives You Hell
3. Hello
4. A House Is Not A Home (Deluxe Edition Track)
5. One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home
6. Beautiful
7. Home (Deluxe Edition Track)
8. Physical
9. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
10. Lady Is A Tramp
11. One
12. Rose's Turn (Deluxe Edition Track)
13. Dream On
14. The Safety Dance
15. I Dreamed A Dream
16. Loser (Deluxe Edition Track)
17. Give Up The Funk
18. Beth (Deluxe Edition Track)
19. Poker Face (Deluxe Edition Track)
20. Bad Romance

It sounds like it will be good. What do you think? Comment below :)

Ciara 'Ride' Featuring Ludacris Video Premiere

Ciara recently released the video for her first single 'Ride' taken from her upcoming fourth studio album 'Basic Instinct' to be released this summer. The video and song both feature Ludacris, and the track is really good. Ciara is definitely doing her thing in this video. And I'm definitely waiting for more. So glad that CiCi is back :)

What do you think? Comment below :)

Watch Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business Episode 2

In case you missed the second episode of the new Brandy and Ray J reality show, following the lives of the Norwood family then you can check it out below. I have watched the first episode and that was really good. I have yet to watch the second but I defo recommend you to watch it:

Did you watch this? What did you think? Comment below :)

Debi Nova Performs Drummer Boy On DWTS

New up and coming artist Debi Nova performed her track 'Drummer Boy' on Dancing With The Stars. I think this is the first live performance I have seen of hers. It was decent, and the song is OK. I don't love it, but its catchy enough. So check out the performance below:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Jennifer Lopez Interview On Jay Leno

Check out this interview with Jennifer Lopez. The interview is quite long, but if your a fan then its worth checking out. I really like her, so I thought I would post this. So let me know your thoughts afterwards.

What do you think? Comment below :)

Ke$ha Performances On Saturday Night Live

I know I haven't posted much lately but I promise I will try to now. So I will update with the stuff I missed. Here are two new performances from Ke$ha singing 'Your Love Is My Drug' and 'Tik Tok' on SNL. The performances were both very good and she is as nutty as ever. Defo worth checkin' out:

'Your Love Is My Drug'

'Tik Tok'

What do you think? Comment below :)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Ciara - Basic Instinct (You Got Me) Video Premiere

Ciara has inspired me to write this post as I was gonna take a break from posting, but I thought I defo have to post this.
Not too long ago, via twitter, Ciara released her 'Basic Instinct (You Got Me) video for fans to enjoy and to hype her new album up. I wasn't too sure at first, but this is bloody wicked. So everyone, prepare and you can watch the video below:

Comment your thoughts below :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lady Gaga Performs Telephone On Japan's Music Station

Lady Gaga took to the stage in Japan to perform her hit 'Telephone' live (as usual without Beyonce). The performance was really good, and you can tell she is a proper entertainer. I really wish that I had tickets to go see her tour in May because I saw Beyonce and she was amazing!
I cannot wait to see what the performance of this song featuring Beyonce will be like, but I'm sure there will come a day.
Check out the performance below:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Ciara's Ride Video Featuring Ludacris To Premiere On VEVO Soon!

That's right! You heard it. Ciara's video to her new single 'Ride' featuring Ludacris will be premiering on VEVO very soon. There is not a set release date yet, but expect to see it soon.
I cannot wait, as I love the song, and I think the video will be sexy. Check out Ciara confirming this below:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Lolene - A First Look At Electrick Hotel

New artist Lolene is set to release her debut album, Electrick Hotel in the Summer this year. This official trailer gives you a visual insight into what to expect on her album. It features audio clips from a few songs, 'Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)', 'Lionheart' and 'Ordinary Girl'. If you are a fan, then defo check this out, it looks kinda good!

You can also buy her debut single 'Rich (Fake Til You Make It) on US iTunes now: BUY!!

What do you think? Comment below :)

Christina Aguilera GMTV Interview

Check out this interview with Christina Aguilera on GMTV. She talks about being a mother and how being a mother not makes her feel sexy. Check it out below and let me know what you think:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Listen: Ciara's 'Ride'!!

I may have taken time to post this, but I am glad as a tagless version of the song became available a few hours ago. So now you can hear the full clean version of Ciara's new single 'Ride' featuring Ludacris. The video will premiere sometime soon, so I cannot wait.
This track is absolutely amazing and I love Ludacris' verse towards the end. I must say that it took a bit of time getting used to the song, but it really grew on me, and I cannot stop playing it now. Ciara is definitely back!
Please give us some more information about your album please, so I can get excited even more!

Check out the track below:


What do you think? Comment below :)

Charice Album Tracklisting & Cover

For all those Charice fans out there, listen up. Charice's album will be released very soon on May 11th 2010 and you can now view the official tracklisting as well as the official album cover. I cannot wait for this album, as I have now been transformed into a Charice fan. I was not that fond before, but I have now properly listened to her song, and checked her out on YouTube. But anyways, here is the cover:

And here is the tracklisting:

1. Pyramid
2. Reset
3. In This Song
4. Nobody's Singing To Me
5. Thank You
6. I Love You
7. In Love So Deep
8. All That I Need
9. Nothing
10. The Truth Is
11. I Did It For You
12. Note To God

iTunes Bonus Tracks:
13. Breathe You Out
14. Are We Over

You can pre-order the album here!!

What do you think? Comment below :)

Monica 'Here I Am' Official Single Cover

Here is the official single cover to Monica's next single Here I Am taken from her sixth studio album, Still Stanidng.
The cover looks fantastic, and as I said before, she is expected to get Jamie Foxx on the track so I can't wait to see how the track will sound.

What do you think? Comment below :)

Toni Braxton - Hands Tied Video Premiere

The second video of two from Toni Braxton is her other single Hands Tied. I have not seen this video or listened to the song either. But for those that are interested then view it below:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Ciara Confirms 'Basic Instinct' As Next Album!

Earlier this week, Ciara confirmed the title of her fourth studio album to be released later this year. The title of the album will be 'Basic Instinct'. The first single will be 'Ride' featuring Ludacris.
So, finally we get some new Ciara and we have been given an album title. Lets hope that we get a release date very soon, because I can't wait!
Check out Ciara confirming the album title as well as talking about the album:

What do you think? Comment below :)

BUY Kat DeLuna's 'Push Push' On iTunes NOW!

I know this may be a little late, but I thought I would post and encourage everyone who can buy from US iTunes, Kat DeLuna's new single 'Push Push' featuring Akon.
The song is amazing and we need this to be a hit for Kat so that she can release her sophomore album in the near future.
So go and BUY and SUPPORT Kat by buying 'Push Push' HERE!!

Eminem To Release 'Recovery' Album Rather Than Relapse 2

This week saw news that Eminem was not going to release Relapse 2 the follow up to his last album, Relapse. Nearly an hour after that news arose, the news of a new album title plus a release date were given.
Eminem's new album will be called 'Recovery' and is now set for a release date of June 22nd.
I am glad that we have some news about the project and we now have a release date aswell as a new album title.
I think Eminem is one of the only rappers I actually enjoy, so I cannot wait to see what material he produces this time around.

What do you think? Comment below :)

R.I.P. Ugly Betty

Rest In Peace Ugly Betty...You will be sorely missed.
In case you didn't know, this week saw the end of Ugly Betty after the show was cancelled earlier this year, due to a huge drop in ratings.
The episode was really good, and wrapped up many things including Amanda's dad, Mark's love life, Betty's family, and also Betty moved to London to start a new job. It was left open to interpretation as to how Betty's love life ends up, but you could possibly argue that she gets together with her ex boss Daniel Meade.
After the final episode, reports of a movie arose, which have neither been confirmed or denied.
So do you think that an Ugly Betty movie is really on the cards and would you like to see that?

What are your views? Comment below :)

Madonna Has Never Heard Of Glee!

As you may have heard, next week is the episode of Glee which is purely based on Madonna's songs.
It has come out this week that Madonna has not even heard of Glee and that she refused to even make an appearance on the programme.
An insider claimed that:
"Madonna doesn't have a TV and has no idea what Glee is. The show did ask her if she wanted to make an appearance in the much-hyped Madonna episode.
She said, 'No thanks', and to be honest she would rather they sing an Elton John song than butcher one of hers."
When I read this I thought it was incredibly rude. I have lost a little respect for Madonna as she need not say that. Anyways, after this news, it was then revealed that Madonna gave the Glee Madonna episode the thumbs up and that she approves of it.

What do you think? Comment below :)

6 Questions With Kat DeLuna

Check out this video of 6 Questions With Kat DeLuna. It's a really cool interview, and you get to find out a little about Kat as well as her music, and upcoming website/blog. Her sophomore album 'Inside Out' is set for a release this year, possibly Summer, so I definitely can't wait. I really love her, so make sure you check it out:

What do you think? Comment below :)

Toni Braxton - Make My Heart Video Premiere

Two videos from Toni Braxton leaked this week, and the first of the two is 'Make My heart'. I haven't watched the video or listened to the song properly yet, but for those interested then view it below. Enjoy!

What do you think? Comment below :)

Watch Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business Episode 1

For those that missed the first episode of Brandy And Ray J's reality show, 'A Family Business', here it is below to watch. I am from the UK so I did not get to see it. I have still not had time to watch it but I hope to very soon. So check it out below:

What did you think? Comment below :)

Doctor Who 'The Beast Below' Review

Last Saturday saw the second episode of the much awaited Doctor Who series 5 featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan playing Amy Pond, the companion. This week, the story took place in the future to the year 3295. This was the first episode that Amy Pond gets to experience time travel. The whole episode revolves around Starship UK and the mystery behind the beast below. When exploring, the Doctor and Amy encounter Liz Ten (The Queen), and new enemies The Smilers/Winders.

The episode was really good, and definitely on par with the previous episode. It has definitely got me excited for the rest of the series and I cannot wait to see what else we will get to experience.
Well, next week (this Saturday/tomorrow) will see the return of The Daleks in WW2, so I will write a new review next week.
This episode recieves a score of 8/10.

Did you watch this episode? What did you think?

EXCLUSIVE: Richard Day

Check out some exclusive music from my brother, Richard Day. He has a really good voice and I have compiled a list of song covers he has recorded, which are worth checking out via the download link below. Enjoy :)

1. Please Forgive Me
2. Losing My Religion
3. Wonderful Tonight
4. This Years Love
5. You Do Something To Me
6. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
7. Stand By Me
8. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
9. Ain't No Sunshine
10. Me & Mrs. Jones


If you would like to check out more information about him, then you can visit the following:

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Charice 'Pyramid' Ft. Iyaz Video Premiere

I posted what I thought was the video to Charice's single 'Pyramid' featuring Iyaz. It has now been confirmed that this is the official video.
I have really grown to like the song, and I know many of you really like her, so definitely check the video out below:

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Pixie Lott Sings 'My Love' On Graham Norton

Check out this video of Pixie Lott singing her song 'My Love' on the Graham Norton show. The song was originally supposed to be the fifth single but it was never confirmed. The song is taken from her amazing 'Turn It Up' album and the performance was really good. So definitely check it out below:

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Trina 'Amazin' Tracklisting & Album Pre-Order

I have come across the actual tracklisting for Trina's upcoming album 'Amazin'' which is due May 4th. So check it out below:

1. Amazin'
2. That's My Attitude
3. Million Dollar Girl (Ft. Keri Hilson And Diddy)
4. On Da Hush
5. Dang A Lang (Ft. Lady Saw & Nicki Minaj)
6. I Want It All (Ft. Monica)
7. White Girl (Ft. Flo Rida)
8. My Bitches
9. By Myself
10. Always (Ft. Monica)
11. Currency (Ft. Lil Wayne And Rick Ross)
12. Make Way (Ft. Lyfe Jennings)
13. Let Them Hoes Fight (Ft. Kalenna Harper)
14. Showing Out
15. Capricorn

So the tracklisting looks good, and there are 2 songs with Monica, which is even better. However, Lady Gaga was not noted down as being on Let Them Hoes Fight, so she might not be on the track anymore?

Also, if you would like to pre-order the album ($ Only) check it out here: Pre-Order

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New Toy Story 3 Clip

Check out a new clip from the upcoming 'Toy Story 3' film. I cannot wait for this film, and this clip is so funny. So defo check it out:

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Girlicious 'Maniac' Video Rehearsal

Another video from Girlicious. This time the video focuses on the dance rehearsal for Girlicious' new Maniac video. Their dancing is great, and everything points to this looking to be a great video! Can't wait, as I am constantly playing the song, and now need the video.

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Glee Does Gaga

For all you gleeks, here are some photos taken from the upcoming Glee gaga episode! I love Glee and Gaga, so I can't wait to see how this will be. Fingers crossed, but check out these photos whilst we wait:

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Ciara 'Ride' Snippet & Cover

Any day now you should expect to hear Ciara's new single 'Ride' featuring Ludacris. The song has been hyped to premiere over the last few days but nothing has arisen. I am ready for some new Ciara material and hope that it will be good. Check out the official cover to the song below as well as a sneak preview of the song!

'Ride' 30 Second Preview

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Listen: Trina - Hot Like Fire

Check out this new track from Trina called 'Hot Like Fire'. It features an unknown female artist, but the song is great. It will not be included on her upcoming album 'Amazin' but either way, its worth checking out:

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Ellie Goulding 'Guns And Horses' Video Premiere

Here is the official video to the next single from Ellie Goulding called 'Guns And Horses'. Everyone keeps raving on about Ellie, but seriously I cannot see what is so great about her. This song is not great, and her voice is just annoying as hell. Anyways check it out below and let me know what you think:

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Jennifer Hudson Sophomore Album For September Release

Jennifer Hudson is currently working on her sophomore album which is now confirmed as being due for release this September.
“I am in the recording process, at least 10 songs in, It’s between film and music right now, working on the album, but it won’t be out until September. 
I think it will definitely be a different direction and I’m so excited about that. I want this album to feel good. Just hearing the feedback from the music being heard. The reaction to it, I love it. So I’m like, wow, I want this album to be good, but I definitely want it to be very much me, and I just hope the fans embrace it.”
So, it looks like she will be going in a different direction with this album. I can't wait to see what it will sound like and September is not that far away, so maybe we will hear something soon?

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Shontelle Talks About Upcoming Second Album

Check out this video where Shontelle talks about her upcoming second album, No Gravity. She talks about a variety of things ranging from who she has worked with on the album as well as her relationship with Rihanna. Definitely check the video out and see what Shontelle's all about:

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Melanie Fiona 'Ay Yo' Video Premiere

Check out the official video for Melanie Fiona's fourth single 'Ay Yo' taken from her debut album 'The Bridge'. The song and video are both decent but how many bloody more singles is she gonna release. Just move onto the next album...SMH.
I am personally not a fan of her music, and think that she kinda needs to disappear a little bit. But anyways, for you fans out there, check out her latest video:

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Alicia Keys' The Element Of Freedom To Be Re-Released?

So it seems that Alicia Key's latest album 'The Element Of Freedom' will be re-released. Asked about re-releasing the album, Alicia told
“We have been having conversations and talks about that. That’s still a conversation at this point, but it’s looking like it will happen.”
She has also stated that she wants to add some more songs and collaborations on the album, but all of this is not 100% confirmed yet.

I am not too bothered about a re-release as I am not that fond of this album. It was an OK album, but there was no way that it was perfect. Let's hope that a re-release can only make it that little bit better, because right now her 'As I Am' album is her best for me.

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Behind The Scenes Of Girlicious' Maniac Video

Check out this video from behind the scenes of Girlicious' upcoming video for their newest single 'Maniac'. The video looks like its going to be hot, and I can't wait to see this particular scene. The dancing in the rain looks like it will be good, so bring it on!

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Rihanna Takes Drum Lessons From Travis Barker

Check out this video of Rihanna taking drum lessons from Travis Barker. This is supposedly for her 'Last Girl On Earth' tour. The video is cool, and looks like Rihanna will be good. Defo check it out below:

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J.K. Rowling Doesn't Rule Out Writing Any More Harry Potter

According to certain sources, JK. Rowling has said that she will not rule out writing any more Harry Potter books.
When asked whether she will release another HP book, she said:
"Yes, I do, and I am. I'm quite sure in the not-too-distant future I will bring out another book."
So this is really good news for all Harry Potter fans. I personally would love another HP book, and think that it would actually do very well. So if any news arises on the situation then I will let you know.

Anyways, the latest installment of the Harry Potter films, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part I will be released in cinemas in November. The second part is scheduled to be released in July 2011.

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Monday, 12 April 2010

Selena Gomez Interview & Performance On Live From Studio Five

Check out this new interview with Selena Gomez on Live From Studio Five. This aired last week, but I thought I would still post it. She also performs one of my favourite songs from her 'Naturally'. So if your a fan, then check it out - it's great!

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Brandy & Ray Jay Interview On Lopez Tonight

Here is an interview with Brandy #& Ray J on Lopez Tonight. This was recorded before their reality series 'Brandy And Ray J: A Family Business' aired yesterday. I haven't got round to watching the reality series as of yet, as I am not situated in the US so I cannot view the video, so if anyone knows a link to it for UK viewers then please post below! Anyways check out the interview:

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Introducing Raphael...

Check out new artist Raphael. I was given the heads up about him, and a track called 'Private Party' which is only a demo. As you know, I like to post about new artists and songs, so that they get recognition.
So a little about him...
He has been working with producers such as Rick Bryant (Known to have worked with Timbaland, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake) and The Untouchables. Also, the track 'Private Party' is supposedly from Kara Dioguardi's team!

So you will want to hear the song, so check it out via the link below:

If you would like to know more about this artist then check out his official pages:

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