Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Music: 2 New Shontelle Songs

Today two new Shontelle tracks leaked. The first of the two tracks is "Say Hello To Goodbye" and the second is "DJ Made Me Do It". They are both decent tracks and I think that "Say Hello To Goodbye" is a grower and I can see me listening to it a lot more.
Here they are to listen:

-Say Hello To Goodbye-

-DJ Made Me Do It-

Tell me what you think? Do you like Shontelle?

Mariah Carey's Videos Get Set Back Aswell...

Mariah Carey is not having much of a week this week, as her upcoming remix album has seen yet another pushback. But topping it off, the two videos "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj and "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo were supposed to be premiering this thursday (28th).
However, according to her official twitter page, the videos will be released next tuesday (a whole week from today).
Heres what was posted by Mariah on twitter:
And sorry to all who were waiting for the "UOMF" (feat. Nicki Minaj) and "AC" (feat. Ne-Yo) videos..."They" say that they'll be out tues...ugh!
This doesn't look good for Mariah really does it. I don't really no what else to say, but when her videos are released they need to be the best thing since sliced bread to even make an impact.

What are your views on this? Are you anticipating these videos? Are you annoyed about the millions of pushbacks?

100TH POST - 24/7's Featured Artists: The Saturdays!!

This is officially the blogs 100th post! I can't believe I am writing this, so what better way to write the 100th post by dedicating it to pop group "The Saturdays". Above is a picture that was taken in HMV when I went to a single signing and I met them - it was great, but was so quick!
I was also lucky enough to go to one of the dates on their first tour "The Work Tour". The tour was so good and much better than I had expected. They showcased two new tracks from their newest album "Wordshaker" as well as performing a medley and lots of songs from their first album. Below are a few pictures that were snapped from the tour. All of these are my own photos so please credit if using - thanks!

For those that don't know who The Saturdays are, I will give you a brief lesson about them now and post a few songs of theirs.
Firstly, the Saturdays are a British Pop Group signed to Fascination Records. They consist of 5 members, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman(From S Club Juniors/8), Frankie Sandford (From S Club Juniors/8), Mollie King, and Una Healy.
They started out in 2007 but their first single "If This Is Love" wasn't released until August 12, 2008. Their debut album, "Chasing Lights" was then released in October 2008 and spawned a total of 5 singles. The first 4 singles ended up in the top 10, some in the top 5 of the UK charts.
Their sophomore album "Wordshaker" was released October 2009 and has spawned two singles which have both made the top 10 of the UK charts. Their current single is "Ego" and is a smash! The video can be seen below:

This post would have been longer but I will be posting about The Saturdays a lot more and this will be random so expect to see the posts and take part in the quiz that will be going up over the next few days!
I leave you with a few songs from The Saturdays which I class as my favourites:


"Chasing Lights"

"Lose Control"

"Why Me, Why Now"

Also thanks to everyone following the blog, and to those who read and comment, it is much appreciated :)

Mariah Carey's "Angels Advocate" Sees Another Pushback

Poor Mariah Carey gets her remix album "Angels Adovate" pushed back again! It was originally set for a February 2010 release. The date was then moved to March 9th 2010, but it has been pushed back a further two weeks and is not set to be released on March 23rd 2010.
This doesn't sound like good news for Mariah and looks like it could be set back again. This is bad news for fans and also poses a question of whether the album will be released everywhere on the same date or if UK will get it a few months later like "Memoirs".
I am quite anticipating this release and sincerely hope it doesn't see another pushback but it can only mean good things if it is being pushed back, right?

What are your views on this situation? Do you think it should have been pushed back? Are you anticipating this release?

New Music: Christina Aguilera - Spotlight

So here is a new song from Christina Aguilera called "Spotlight". It is tagged but not heavily. Hopefully a full HQ version will be available soon, but if you want top hear it you can listen below.