Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Need A New Header

Hey guys, its coming to the end of February and March is almost upon us. Therefore, I need a new header. This time I would like a header which features the following:

- Artist: Sugababes (The New ones)
- The words "24/7 Entertainment

You don't have to have experience, but I would like a nice, neat, not overcrowded header like the Beyonce one.

Thanks so much guys, and if you make one, please can you leave me a message in the chatbox or in the comments below!

D. Woods 'Legalize Me' & Interview On The Mo'Nique Show

Here is D. Woods performance of Legalize Me and her interview on The Mo'Nique Show. I have only just come across this song. How late am I? I loved Danity Kane and I let this song slip away from me. I think its a good song and reminds me a bit of DK. Check out her performance and her interview below:

'Legalize Me' Live Performance


What do you think?

Ke$ha 'Blah Blah Blah' Video Premiere!

I waited to post this as I wanted to post a HQ video rather than one which lagged and wouldn't get watched. I'm glad I waited to watch this video as its so good. I love Ke$ha and her album, so if you haven't heard it then go check it out! Here is the video for you all to watch now:

What do you think of the video? Is it better than TiK ToK? Do you actually like Ke$ha?