Monday, 22 February 2010

Lady Gaga Gets Electrocuted!!

Haha, well I guess that caught your attention! No she didn't get electrocuted but I found this video (which is a spoof) and I found quite funny. Check it out below and tell me what you think:

There are so many different versions of this, but this is one of the best ones. Haha, I love Lady Gaga and this just shows how crazy she is when she sings - so people have to make fun out of her!

What do you think?

Introducing Allstar Weekend!

Cameron, Zach, Michael and Nathan are the four members who make up new teen band 'Allstar Weekend'. These guys are signed to Hollywood Records and are set to release their debut album sometime this summer.
Their debut single 'A Different Side Of Me' has just recently premiered on Disney Radio, and the video for it premiered yesterday. Check it out below:

'A Different Side Of Me' will be be available to purchase exclusively through tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd Feb) for the first week of its release. After this week, you will be able to purchase it through iTunes and other music stores.

If you would like to know more about this band then check out these links below:

Let me know what you think!

Mary J. Blige Performs In Italy & Welcomes Them In French!

Mary J. Blige takes to the stage to perform in Italy at the Sanremo Song Festival. She sings 'Each Tear' and the performance is really nice. But I must point out that she welcomes the Italian audience by saying 'Bonjour!' (which is french). LMAO, how funny and embarassing. I'm suprised not many people noticed it! Haha, check out the video below and listen around the 44 seconds mark to hear it:

What do you think of this?

Before We Knew Ke$ha!

I came across this video on another blog which also reminded me of another video of Ke$ha before she became famous. The first video is of her at 13 years old singing in a school talent show. And the second is of her in the programme 'The Simple Life'. Looking at her then, you would not be able to guess how she would have turned out!

'Ke$ha 13 Years Old - School Talent Show'

'Ke$ha On The Simple Life'

What do you think of these videos?

News On Fergie's 'Rock' Sophomore Album

So many of you all may be waiting for Fergie to produce a sophomore album, as her debut 'The Dutchess' done really well. If you were expecting her to follow the same sort of genre as before, then you will be wrong.
Reports say that Fergie is looking to produce a rock album, with the help of Slash.
I can't say that I am happy about the rock genre, but nevertheless, I will support Fergie if it is good. I have been waiting for ages for Fergie to produce some new material, so hopefully they start work on this soon.

Marsha Ambrosius 'Yours Sincerely' Mixtape

A new mixtape from Marsha Ambrosius was uploaded via her official twitter page. Check out the tracklisting and you can download using the link provided.

1. Intro
2. Let Me Go
3. Put It On Repeat (Ft. Angelique)
4. She Don't Matter
5. This Love (Ft. Glenn Lewis)
6. Storm
7. Glass
8. Take Care

*Update: All links have been removed upon request so if you would like any links then contact me*

I haven't had time to listen to it fully yet. But from what I have heard, it does sound promising.

Let me know what you think!

Keke Wyatt 'Who Knew?' Album Preview

Keke Wyatt is set to release her album titled "Who Knew?" tomorrow (Feb 23rd). I posted the official tracklisting and cover before, and thought I had posted about the album preview, but I didn't so here it is now:

I can't wait to hear this album, as not much is around at the moment and I think this will be good to listen to until the Monica album drops.

Are you looking forward to this album?

New Music: Ne-Yo 'Halo' & 'Drinks Up'

Here are another two songs to add to Ne-Yo's never ending list of leaked songs. How the heck do these songs keep on leaking. There must be enough to make at least another 3 albums already! Anyways check out these two songs below:


'Drinks Up'

*Update: All links have been removed upon request so if you would like any links then contact me*

Both of these tracks are really good. But I definitely think 'Halo' is a must have!

Let me know what you think!

Monica Performs 'Still Standing' & 'Everything To Me'

Check out Monica performing two of her songs, her buzz single 'Still Standing' and her new single 'Everything To Me'.

What can I say? Monica is superb. Her vocals are definitely on point and I am glad she is doing a bit of promotion to let everyone know her album is out soon. I am really anticipating this album more than anything this year.

So guys remember 'Still Standing' in stores March 22nd/23rd!!

New Music: Beyoncé 'I'm Glad There's You'

Check out another new song that has leaked from Queen B! This is another song from her older recording sessions. The track is called 'I'm Glad There's You'. Check it out below:

*Update: All links have been removed upon request so if you would like any links then contact me*

Another slow jam from Beyoncé. I don't mind some slow jams but you can definitely see why this was left off her album.

What do you think?

HAHA! Jade Ewen Claims Psychic Knew She Would Be A Sugababe!!

Hahahaha! I have just come across an article which says that Jade Ewen claimed that a psychic foresaw her joining the Sugababes a week before she joined the group. This is what Jade said on the matter;
'I don't usually believe all that but the woman read that I was a performer in the spotlight. She said, "You're going to work hard and get bigger and bigger, then you'll lose something career-wise. You'll be devastated but in the end it will work out".
Then, even weirder, she said I was going to make loads of money and meet two girls and we'd be like a family. I keep a diary and it was only when I was in the hotel in LA that I looked back and went, "My God - this is what that woman was talking about".'
WTF? Seriously now. Come on, what a load of bullshit. I don't know why I find this funny, but I wonder if Keisha knew she was gonna get stitched up LOL. Maybe she should of went to see the psychic as well!

Anyways, no disrespect because I love the new album. Watch out for their new single which is out to buy NOW! And Sweet 7 will be released March 8th!