Friday, 29 January 2010

Request: My Top 10 Girls Aloud Songs

I have had another request from Ryan, who asked me to post my favourite top 10 Girls Aloud songs. I am not a massive fan of Girl's Aloud but I think I know at least 10 songs to make a top 10. I especially loved their last album "Out Of Control" and I liked their debut album "Sound Of The Underground", so I expect most of my top 10 will be made up from those 2 albums.

-10. No Good Advice-

-9. Love Machine-

-8. Jump-

-7. Can't Speak French-

-6. Untouchable-

-5. The Loving Kind-

-4. The Promise-

-3. Sound Of The Underground-

-2. Rolling Back The Rivers In Time-

-1. Miss You Bow Wow-

Whats your favourite Girls Aloud tracks?

New Music: Gabriella Cilmi - Hearts Don't Lie

Here is a new song from Gabriella's upcoming album "Ten". The song is called "Hearts Don't Lie" and is a pretty decent song. Gabriella's new material sounds a little different and I think it sounds much better. I am anticipating this album more than I thought I would. Check the song out below:

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Let me know what you think :)

Request: Made By Winner Of The Saturdays Quiz

The winner of The Saturdays quiz which I posted earlier in the week was "Ryan". Well done to Ryan! Expect more quizzes very soon. I am going to fulfill some of his requests for him as a result of winning the quiz. I do not mind getting a few requests now and again, so if you have any post them in the chatbox :)

Ryan requested two albums. The first is Mis-Teeq "Eye Candy" which I found a link for. And the other is Katerine Avgoustakis' "Overdrive". I have found a link for that too. If there is any problems with the lniks, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will follow it up.

-Mis-Teeq: Eye Candy-

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-Katerine Avgoustakis: Overdrive-
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Enjoy :)

Official Cover: Gabriella Cilmi - Ten + Official Tracklisting

Here is the official album cover to Gabriella Cilmi's upcoming sophomore album "Ten". The cover looks great and its good to see the new look Gabriella, which looks much more grown up. Here it is:

Here is the official tracklisting too:

1. On A Mission
2. Hearts Don't Lie
3. What If You Knew
4. Love Me Cos You Want To
5. Defender
6. Robots
7. Superhot
8. Boys
9. Invisible Girl
10. Glue
11. Let Me Know
12. Superman
13. Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)
14. Sucker For Love (Exclusive iTunes Bonus Track)

The album is set to be released on 22nd March 2010. I am actually looking forward to this album if her single is anything to go by.

PCD News! Jessica Sutta Tells All...

Jessica Sutta, is the latest from PCD to lash out at Nicole Scherzinger and the management. I have a video here which shows a clip from an upcoming interview with Life & Style. I'm not gonna say much about the video - you can see for yourself.
But it doesn't look pretty anymore and PCD will most definitely be seeing some new dolls or Nicole Scherzinger might just go off and finally do her solo album. Who knows?

Thanks to Theprophetblog :)

Girlicious Album Photoshoot!

I was looking around on twitter and came across Robin Antins twitter account. She is the manager of PCD and Girlicious and posted up a picture of Girlicious' new album photoshoot. I am going to post the photo below and then will discuss my views. Note: The picture isn't exactly high quality but it is good enough.

How sexy do they look! Its the best photo of them together in ages. I seriously hope that this becomes their album cover or something similar because it looks absolutely fantastic.

What do you think? Would you like to see the album cover look something like this?

Here is another picture from a different angle. It is obviously the same photoshoot.

Toni Braxton: 2 New Leaks!

I am not usually a fan of Toni Braxton's leaks but I came across both of these songs on Theprophetblog.
The songs are called "Make My Heart" and "Hands Tied". Both of them leaked with covers (which may or may not be official). The question remains as to whether these songs are for promotion or actual singles from her upcoming album Pulse, due out on May 4th.
The songs are decent and are two completely different songs. I will let you make your minds up about them, so here they are:

What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment or ticking the like or dislike boxes.

New Music: Lady Gaga - Retro Physical

Here is a new track by Lady Gaga called "Retro Physical". I know many of you have been waiting for a full cdq to be leaked. Well it is finally here!
Take a listen below:

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Enjoy and leave your comments, thanks :)