Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Game: Celeb Rewind #1

So I have a new game that I have been preparing for for a few weeks. I came across some old photos of celebs when they were younger so decided to play a small game on it. This is only just for fun but please do take part! :D
I have decided to call the game Celeb Rewind and this is the first. I will be posting one every week, so I hope you enjoy and I look forward to feedback or ideas of other games. So here is out first celeb:

1. Singer
2. She is now 29

So who do you think this is? Find out who it is after the jump...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Natasha Bedingfield's Next Album To Be Titled 'Strip Me'

Natasha Bedingfield has been working on her fourth studio album which has now been confirmed to be titled 'Strip Me' and will be released sometime this fall. I am guessing that she will only be releasing in America again then. Either way I will still get to hear the album, regardless of where it is released. Here is the message she posted on her official Twitter:
"Drum roll please... I have decided my album name!!! Its called Strip Me. And Its coming out this fall :)"
I also came across this really short snippet of a track called Strip Me by Natasha Bedingfield which also sounds promising:

I am really excited about this new album and actually hope that she does bring it out this fall because I need some new Natasha in my life. I loved all of her previous material and all of her new material, Touch, Speechless and Shoot For The Stars, so I have high hopes for more new material.

What do you think?

Download: Andra Mixtape

I had never of Andra before until the other day. I came across her mixtape/album and couldn't believe how catchy it was. You can follow her on Twitter if you want to find out more about her: http://twitter.com/heyandra. The mixtape/album is called Love Is 4 Suckaz/I'm A Sucka 4 Love. You can download the mixtape for free or stream it below:



I really love the tracks Credit Card, Ova There, and Ow (That Hurt's). What ones do you like?

What did you think?

Exclusive Listen: Zarif - Seen It All Before

Here is another exclusive listen of a track from Zarif's first album 'Box Of Secrets' due to be released on August 23rd. This track is called 'Seen It All Before' and is a really good track too. I really hope that you guys go and support Zarif because I think she deserves to make it big. Enjoy this track and don't hesitate to give her a shoutout on her Twitter or Facebook.

What did you think?

Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 3

Here is the final video (for the moment) of the Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves videos. This one features the choreographer of the film (Jamal Sims) and talks and shows the different styles of dance in the film. It is really interesting and a must see for fans of dance, etc. Enjoy!

What did you think?

Exclusive Listen: Zarif - The Day The Music Left Me

Zarif is a new British singer-songwriter who will be releasing her debut album titled Box Of Secrets on August 23rd. I recently did an interview with her which you can check out here. Here is an exclusive track taken from the album. She will be posting new songs from the album every week before its release so if you want to keep up to date, then visit her YouTube here.
Anyways, here is the first track and its called 'The Day The Music Left Me'. It is a really good track and I am looking forward to the album, so enjoy and please support Zarif.

What do you think?

Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 2

Here is the second video from the set of behind-the-scenes videos entitled Behind The Moves for the Step Up 3D film. This is another good video and is a must watch for any Step Up or dancing fan.

What did you think?

Listen: The Saturdays - Headlines (Clips)

The Saturdays are due to release their third album Headlines consisting of 8 tracks on the 16th August. The album will consist of their new single Missing You, plus 3 tracks Ego, Forever Is Over and One Shot (althought it will be a remix on this album) from their previous album Wordshaker. The rest of the tracks are new tracks that have not been heard from the band before. Check out the clips to the new tracks below:

Order of new clips:
1. Higher
2. Died In Your Eyes
3. Karma
4. Puppet
5. One Shot (Starsmith Mix)

The new tracks sound amazing and Higher sounds really good in studio version aswell. They have been performing Higher in most of the Summer shows they have been doing. Died In Your Eyes is a cover of Kristinia DeBarge's version. I really can't wait to get this album now

What do you think?

Listen: Katy Perry - Teenage Dreams (Single)

Here is Katy Perry's second single called 'Teenage Dreams'. This is the title track of her upcoming sophomore album and is a completely different track from her first single. That doesn't necessarily mean that the track is not as good though. So California Gurls was a huge success and was such a catchy tune. But what is this like?
This track may not be as catchy and I must admit that I was underwhelmed after first listen. But after hearing it a few times, I must say that it is quite a stomper. It is already racking up masses of airplay on the radio, so I can smell another hit coming on...Check it out below:

What do you think?

Step Up 3D: Behind The Moves Part 1

Step Up 3D is due for a release in cinemas on August 6th. Vevo has got exclusive videos from the cast and creators of the movie to give a short video entitled Behind The Moves. It shows behind-the-scenes footage from the film and is a really good watch for all fans that ware awaiting the release of the film. There are currently 3 parts of this little behind-the-scenes videos. I think there will be more to come, so if they become available I will post them. Check the first out below:

What did you think?

The Saturdays Perform 'Missing You' On Suck My Pop

Here is the first televised performance of Missing You featuring all 5 members of The Saturdays. They have performed this song on T4 on the beach but only with 4 members due to Mollie being ill. This song is the first single from The Saturdays's mini album 'Headlines'. The song is really good and I hope it does well for the girls. The performance is actually really good aswell and it seems that they are singing live. The performance was for a new show on Viva called 'Suck My Pop!'. The performance is half music video/performance on stage. It is not their official music video but was made for the show. Hope you like and Enjoy!

What do you think?

Natasha Bedingfield Performs Touch (2010 Do Something Awards)

I think I posted Natasha singing this song before, but here is a performance of her new (promo?) single titled 'Touch'. So if you missed the last performance, here is a more recent performance. The track is really good and I am eagerly awaiting more material from Natasha. This performance was on the 2010 Do Something Awards. The performance was quite good and I just love Natasha live. Check it out below:

What did you think?

Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream' Album Covers + Tracklisting

Katy Perry will be releasing her sophomore album entitled 'Teenage Dreams' next month. Specifically the release date has been set for August 24th. This week, her album cover was revealed. There are two different versions to the album cover. One that features text, and the other that is just a picture with no text. Here are the covers and tracklisting:

1st Cover:

2nd Cover:

Official Tracklisting:
1. Teenage Dream
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
3. California Gurls (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
4. Firework
5. Peacock
6. Who Am I Living For?
7. The One That Got Away
8. E.T.
9. Circle The Drain
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not Like The Movies

I personally prefer the cover with text on because thats just how I am. The cover looks really good imo aswell. The tracklisting also looks quite decent so I can't wait to see how this album sounds, especially after the amazing California Gurls lead single.

What do you think?

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Watch: Olly Murs - Please Don't Let Me Go Video

X-Factor runner-up Olly Murs, has just premiered the video to his first single 'Please Don't Let Me Go'. I will admit that I was not a fan of Olly Murs on the show and didn't want him to win, but looking back on it, I kind of think he should have. Either way, he got a record contract and here we are. So what is the track and video like?
To me he sounds very Will Young-ish (not necessarily a bad thing), but the track is a proper corker. It is really catchy and a cool summer song that I hope does really well. The video is quite good aswell and lets put it this way,  the video was released on YouTube yesterday and has racked up 70,000 views, whereas X-Tina's new video has only had 7,000 views and was released a good few days ago. X-Tina has definitely lost it!!
Anyways check out the vid below:

What did you think?

Usher 'Versus' Tracklisting + Cover

Finally some recent news. Usher recently revealed that he will be releasing an EP called 'Versus'. The EP will consist of 9 tracks (more like an album than an EP if you ask me) and is expected to be released on August 24th. Peek the cover and tracklisting below:

1. Love ‘Em All
2. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Ft. Pitbull)
3. Hot Toddy (Ft. Jay-Z & Ciara)
4. Lay You Down
5. Lingerie
6. There Goes My Baby
7. Get In My Car (Ft. Bun B)
8. Somebody To Love (Remix) (Ft. Justin Bieber)
9. Stranger

Listen: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (Ft. Pitbull)

To be honest, I am over Usher, he ain't nothing like he used to be. The quality of the tracks seem to be thrown together and don't mean anymore now. Its just the name tag that gets him the #1's. The cover looks absolute crap aswell.

What do you think?

Watch: Christina Aguilera's 'You Lost Me' Video

After much anticipation, Christina Aguilera recently premiered her 'You Lost Me' video. I am in love with the song so I am glad that it was made a single. I think the single choice was to go for a ballad as the record company think this will save her 'Bionic' era. I'm not sure that this will save the era tbh, but you can't deny that it is a good song. The video is a bore fest and probably won't rack up much interest, but on the plus side, X-Tina does look good. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts:

What did you think?

JLS American EP Tracklisting + Cover

JLS is set to crack the US with their first American EP which is scheduled for an August 3rd release. The EP will be entitled JLS (same as their debut album) and will consist of 6 tracks. No tracks are new to fans apart from The Club Is Alive which has yet to have been released on an album/EP. Peek the cover and tracklisting below:

1. Beat Again
2. Everybody In Love
3. The Club Is Alive
4. One Shot
5. Keep You
6. Close To You

What do you think?

Watch: Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me Video Premiere

Another video from the Step Up 3D soundtrack. This is Flo Rida's 'Club Can't Handle Me' video which also features many clips from Step Up 3D. The video is decent and doesn't contain as much clips as I thought it would, it is decent enough to watch however. The song is really cool and has got me back into Flo Rida again, but what do you think. Peek the video below:

What do you think?

Step Up 3D Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the Step Up 3D tracklisting has now been confirmed. It seems there are two versions, one which will be released in UK/Europe and the other in USA, etc. Also there are two covers to accompany the two versions. So here are both covers and tracklistings:

UK/Europe Tracklisting:
1. Flo Rida (Ft. David Guetta) - Club Can't Handle Me
2. Roscoe Dash And T-Pain (Ft. Fabo) - My Own Step
3. Sophia Fresh (Ft. T-Pain) - This Instant
4. Trey Songz - Already Taken
5. Laza Morgan - This Girl
6. Chromeo Fancy Footwork
7. Jesse McCartneyUp
8. Estelle (Ft. Kardinal Offishall) - Freak 
9. N.A.S.A. (Ft. M.I.A., Spank Rock, Santigold And Nick Zinner) - Whachadoin?
10. Busta Rhymes - Tear Da Roof Off
11. Mims - Move (If You Wanna)
12. Get Cool - Shawty Got Moves
13. Wisin Y Yandel - Irresistible
14. Sophia Del Carmen (Ft. Pitbull) - No Te Quiero

Release Date: 26/07/2010

Upcoming ITV2 Show Based On The Saturdays!

My favourites, The Saturdays have just been confirmed to have their own ITV2 show. Apparently it will be a series and not a one off show. It will follow the five Saturdays, Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White as they tour around the country promoting their music and new album.
ITV2 has also confirmed saying that the documentary series will follow the Saturdays...
"In their dressing rooms, at home and on the red carpets. And in each episode the girls will burst into song to perform their latest hits."
I am really looking forward to this show and I hope it will open the public up to see The Saturdays for who they are and how fun they can be. I think it will also hopefully gain more fans as it will show multiple sides of the group.

What do you guys think?

Watch: Nicki Minaj 'Your Love' Video

Wasn't a fan of Nicki Minaj at first but I have really grown to like her. I actually love this track as well. This is the second single to come from Nicki called 'Your Love'. The video is pretty decent and completely not what I expected. The video is normal and Nicki looks good in it. I am glad it ain't some freakshow video that tries too hard. Yes, Lady Gaga I am looking at you.
Well check out the video and let me know what you think:

What did you think?

Listen: Girlicious - Drank (Featuring Spose)

Before I had another break from the blog I posted the new single by Girlicious called Drank. That was the version without the rapper Spose on it. This version has now been released and is slightly better. I love both versions but this one has a bit of a lead on the other one. Check it out below and let me know what you think:

What did you think?

Watch: Roscoe Dash - My Own Step Video

After a long wait for the full song to be revealed. The song was released to iTunes and then a video premiered on Vevo shortly after. This video is for Roscoe Dash's 'My Own Step' featuring T-Pain and Fabo. It will be included on the Step Up 3D soundtrack and is one of the singles off of the soundtrack. The video is quite good and as usual with soundtrack videos, it has clips from the movie. I absolutely love this song and have fell in love with it. I can't wait to watch Step Up 3D now as the dancing looks wicked. Check out the vid below:

What did you think?

Last.Fm Top 10 Artists + Songs Of The Last 7 Days

I haven't done a chart of my Last.fm in ages, so here are my top 10 artists and songs of the last 7 days. If you are on Last.fm please add me: http://www.last.fm/user/Twenty4SevenE and come and send me a message.

Top 10 Artists
1. Ciara
2. The Saturdays
3. Lightbulb Thieves
4. N-Dubz
5. Girlicious
6. Kylie Minogue
7. Andra
8. Roscoe Dash
9. Vanessa White
10. Electrik Red/Una Healy

Top 10 Songs
1. Ciara - Get It Girl
2. Lightbulb Thieves - Work It Out
3. Ciara - I Run It
4. The Saturdays - Unofficial
5. The Saturdays - Deeper
6. Ciara - Hard In The A
7. The Saturdays - Wordshaker
8. The Saturdays - Open Up
9. N-Dubz - Playing With Fire (Ft. Mr Hudson)
10. Ciara - One More Dance/Ciara - Ride (Bei Maejor Remix)

So what are your most favourite artists/songs of the moment?

Watch: Monica - Love All Over Me Video (Part 2)

So after scrapping 'Here I Am' as the second single and replacing it with the wonderful ballad 'Love All Over Me', the video has now arose. I absolutely love this song and her vocals in this are amazing. The video is quite decent, and was first revealed last week (I think). The version last week allowed viewers to vote on who Monica ends up marrying at the end of the video. I never posted the video before, but you can actually see the final version now to see who she actually married:

What did you think of the outcome?

Watch: Taio Cruz - Dynamite Video

All Taio Cruz fans, here is his new video for his track 'Dynamite'. The video is OK as is the song. The song sounds like something else I just can't put my finger on. Anyways, decent enough so check it out:

What did you think?

Listen: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Back in May, Bruno released his first EP titled 'It's Better If You Don't Understand'. I absolutely loved the EP and was eager for news on an album from him. It was later revealed that he would be releasing a debut album  soon, and then his first single from the album appeared.
The track is called 'Just The Way You Are' and is now available to buy on iTunes. Listen to the track below and let me know your thoughts:

His voice is great on the track just like on his EP, however, I find the song very generic and not up to the quality of his other tracks from his EP. This don't mean that I completely dislike the song, but I thought it would be better.

What do you think?

Buy: iTunes

Rihanna Back Recording + New Single For Late Summer

So Rihanna is back in the recording studio and is currently recording her next album. Other news has also said that her first single from the new album will be released towards the end of the Summer. This obviously means that there will be no more singles from her Rated R album.
I am intrigued to hear what her new material will sound like because I got bored of her Rated R era too quickly for my liking so lets hope she comes bigger and better with this next one.

What do you think?

Taylor Swift New Album Due October 25th

Not a massive fan of Taylor Swift. She doesn't really do anything for me, however, I know that some people may be interested or even pleased to know that her new album will be titled 'Speak Now' and is apparently due for an October the 25th release.
The album will consist of 14 tracks, with the first single called 'Mine' due out on August 16th.
On the album title, Taylor Swift, explained the name choice by saying:
 “Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”
I can't say that I am looking forward to this, but I will see what the first single sounds like before completely writing her off.

What do you think?

Watch: Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk Video Premiere

So whilst I haven't been posting there have been many videos that have appeared. The first on the list that has finally premiered is Wynter Gordon's 'Dirty Talk' video. The song was released back in March and it has taken this long to produce a video for the track. Check the video out below:

I must say that i really like the track but the video just does nothing for me. Considering it took ages until a video was made you would have thought that more had gone into it. It didn't really do anything for me and I had a completely different vision for it. The song is still great tho.

What do you think?

Amerie Changes Her Name

So I am back and posting and I have a ton of updates to do. To start off I thought I would go lightly with the news of Amerie's name change and my thoughts. This is fairly old news but I want to catch up and throw my two cents in.
So, just in case you haven't heard yet, Amerie has now changed her name to...


On the reason for changing her name to add an extra 'i' she said the following to Rap-Up:
“I operate on vibes and intuition, and I believe everything is energy; the vibration of the double I is right for me. Slightly different spelling, completely same pronunciation!”
So, the extra 'i' is all to do with positivity, etc for her new upcoming album 'Cymatika Vol 1'. I really think its the most stupid thing I have heard. I know that I will completely dismiss the fact she added an extra 'i' because otherwise it just confuses matters.

What are your thoughts on this?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: The Saturdays 'Headlines' Album Cover + Tracklisting

I have labelled this as an exclusive because I have yet to see this posted anywhere else. The Saturdays have finally revealed the full details of their mini album 'Headlines' via their official Facebook page.
The mini album will be released on August 16th, one week after the release of single 'Missing You'.
The album cover and the tracklisting have both been confirmed and can be found below:

1. Missing You
2. Ego
3. Higher
4. Forever Is Over
5. Died In Your Eyes
6. Karma
7. Puppet
8. One Shot (Starsmith Mix)

The tracklisting shows and confirms that the album will have 3 old tracks; Ego, Forever Is Over and One Shot and will be joined with 5 new tracks, including their first single 'Missing You'.
The tracklisting is slightly disappointing but it is only supposed to be a mini album, so hopefully this does well and then we will get a full album very soon. Either way, new songs from The Saturdays ain't getting any complaints from me.
The album cover on the other hand looks amazing and I definitely think this is their best cover yet. I am glad the old logo is back and that some colour has been injected back into their image.

What do you think?

Girls Can't Catch Get Dropped And Disband

Girls Can't Catch made up of members Daizy Agnew, Phoebe Brown and Jess Stickley have been dropped from their record label, Fascination Records, which is also home to the pop group The Saturdays.
Shortly after the confirmation of them being dropped by their record label, it was also confirmed by Daizy Agnew via Twitter that the band have now split up. Here is what was said on the matter:
"Sadly its over for GCC. We have an incredible year! Thank you so much for your support. It was a pleasure to share this experience with Jess and Phoebe. I will pursuing other projects. I don't believe in giving up. Thank you once again for everything,"
"And yes I will be going solo, I've got this far I'm not going to stop now. I wish the girls the best of luck, they are fantastic people."
It seems that all the girls will continue with their own careers, some maybe pursuing solo careers and others doing other stuff.
Girls Can't Catch are known for their single 'Keep Your Head Up' which peaked at #29 on the charts, and also their other single 'Echo' which peaked at #19. They were in the process of recording their first studio album, but unfortunately this will not come to light any more.
I am glad that I actually got some of their songs from the album sampler, so I will have those amazing songs to remind me just how great they were. I am really sad by this news, and quite worried as it seems that no one signed to Fascination Records are safe any more.

What do you think of this news?

Girlicious 'Drank' Official Cover

Here is the official cover of Girlicious' song 'Drank' taken from the upcoming Jersey Shore Soundtrack. The song is not too bad and strays away from their usual stuff but it is very tongue in cheek and shouldn't be taken seriously. The cover looks amazing in my opinion. Peek it below and let me know what you think:

What do you think?

Alexandra Performs New Single 'Start Without You'

Alexandra Burke took to the stage at T4 On The Beach to perform her new upcoming single 'Start Without You'. This was the first time she performed the track live as far as I know and it is a brilliant summery tune. I actually really love it and am glad she has gone for this track for the next single. The performance was really good aswell and hopefully will alert people that this is being released as I think she deserves to have as much as JLS who just get #1 for no apparent reason.
Check it out and let me know what you think:

What did you think?

Diana Vickers Performs 'Boy Who Murdered Love' On GMTV

I wanted to post this performance of Diana Vickers singing 'Boy Who Murdered Love' on GMTV because I love her voice and the uniqueness to her. A lot of people hate her lol but for those that enjoy listening to her, then check out this amazing performance. I really love the song btw but I hope she releases one of my favourites soon.

What do you think?

Watch: Ellie Goulding - The Writer Video Premiere

Not a fan of Ellie Goulding but wanted to post this video for those who actually like her. I haven't watched the video or listened to the song so I cannot comment on it. But since I haven't really digged any other material from her, I don't think I am going to start anytime soon. But enjoy and do comment your thoughts!

What do you think?

Ke$ha And Katy Perry Mashup

It has sparked controversy that ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' and Perry's 'California Gurls' sound similar. Well to make matters worse and to supposedly prove a point, someone has mashed up both songs to show how similar they both are.
To be honest, they do sound very similar when you actually put the songs together, but its up to you to give your opinion on the similarities.

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts:

Britney Spears Glee Episode News

Yes, it has already been confirmed that Britney Spears Glee episode is in the works for next season. I didn't report on this as I have currently been all over the place. However, now I am reporting on the confirmation of a Britney episode, some news has become available.

The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, has stated that Brittany (the blonde cheerleader) will actually do Britney Spears. Heather Morris who plays Brittany in the show will apparently be singing two of Britney's songs in the upcoming episode.
Ryan Murphy has also claimed that “Heather’s actually got a terrific voice”.

So we shall see a new side of this character, which I am excited about.
It has not been confirmed which songs will be included in the episode or if any other members of the cast will get a chance to take on Britney songs. But the next season is only a few months away so we don't have long to wait!

Glee returns on September 21st.

Christina Milian & The-Dream Split!

So I'm not exactly the know-it-all on the relationship between Christina Milian and The-Dream but I'm going to report this as best as I can. So you may or may not have heard by now that Christina and The-Dream have ended their marriage after a very short period.
They got married last September in a quick Las Vegas ceremony and then split up just months after in late 2009. Milian had their first Child named Violet in February which means that they had officially split before the birth. It has now been revealed that they kept the split private in order to protect their child.
Here is the official statement from The-Dream's rep:
“Terius ‘The Dream’ Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful,” his rep told E! News.
“The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter, Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward.”
*Thanks to The Prophet Blog*

What this means now, I don't know. But Christina has been working on her album entitled 'Elope' which has suffered many push backs. Only time will tell.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

'Defender' Is Gabriella Cilmi's Third Single

Gabriella Cilmi has chosen the track 'Defender' for her third single from her second studio album 'Ten'.
The track has been confirmed to be released as a double A-Side single with the track 'Magic Carpet Ride' which was actually the B-Side to her first single 'On A Mission'.
The release of Defender, being a ballad is most likely a move taken by her record company to try and save this era. Her first single did OK with a position of #9 on the charts, whereas her second single 'Hearts Don't Lie' completely flopped with a position of #134 on the UK charts.
The double single will be released on August 22nd in the UK. I actually really like this track but am not sure that it will save her to be honest. If you haven't heard both of these tracks then catch them below:


'Magic Carpet Ride'

What do you think?

Ne-Yo Shoots Two Music Videos Simultaneously

Ne-Yo is apparently shooting two music videos at the same time for his new album. This means that there will most likely be two singles being released simultaneously. The two songs are 'Beautiful Monster' and 'Champagne Life'. Both songs have both leaked already.
The two singles will be from his upcoming album entitled Libra Scale which is due for a release in September.
When I found this news about two music videos being shot, I also came across a behind the scenes video for the two videos. Check it out below:

I'm not really excited about this era of Ne-Yo to be honest. He's trying to be the same as everyone else and it just ain't working for him for me.

What do you think?

Rumoured Tracklisting: Katy Perry - Teenage Dreams

Katy Perry is set to release her second studio album entitled 'Teenage Dreams' towards the end of August. The release date is currently set at August 24th. The album is not too far away really and already we have a rumoured tracklisting for the album. The album will apparently have the other leaked track called 'E.T' plus her amazing hit 'California Gurls' and 10 other new tracks. Peek the tracklisting below:

1. Teenage Dream
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
3. California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
4. Firework
5. Peacock
6. Who Am I Living For?
7. The One That Got Away
8. E.T.
9. Circle The Drain
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not Like The Movies

What do you think?

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Professor Green Adds A Verse To The Saturdays 'Missing You'

Newcomer rapper Professor Green has just confirmed via Twitter that he just laid down a verse for the new Saturdays single 'Missing You'. The song has already premiered along with the video minus the rap. So I am wondering if this is just for a remix or for the album version. Who knows?
The version featuring Professor Green has yet to premiere and is supposedly coming very soon. Here is the message that Professor Green posted on his Twitter:
Did my verse for the saturdays... Look out for an alternative version of 'Missing You' ft. Professor Green soooooooon!
I actually like Professor Greens material, so I am eager to see what he has produced for The Saturdays. I actually think it would be a good move to actually release the version with Professor Green as a single as this may spark more interest in The Sats. Of course, I have yet to hear the alternative version, but I still think it could work in their favour.

What do you think?

Watch: Jason Derülo - What If Video

So I said I would update the site once I had an embeddable version of the video for you all to see. So if you haven't watched the new Jason Derülo video yet, then you best get cracking...

Thoughts? Well I must say that this is his best video yet. It is kinda like a little mini movie which doesn't run for 8 mins long! Yes I'm talking about you Gaga. In fact the video has a kinda of deep meaning to it and keeps you watching all the way through. The video is only about 4 mins, slightly longer than the song. But it is definitely a cool video that lived up to the hype of the trailer that I posted not too long ago.

What did you think?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

24/7 Recommends: Lightbulb Thieves - Work It Out

I recommend this track which is taken from the soundtrack of 'StreetDance 3D'. The song is called 'Work It Out' by Lightbulb Thieves. The track is absolutely wicked and so is the film as well. I have been to see it twice, and will write a review for it soon. For now though, check out the track and let me know what you think of it:

What do you think?

Usher New Track + New Release Called 'Versus'

A new song from Usher called 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love' has just been revealed. The track features Pitbull and is supposed to be the first single taken from a new release called 'Versus' which will include 8 new tracks. 'Versus' will be available on August 24th, as well as a deluxe edition of 'Raymond V. Raymond' which will include the 8 new tracks on it as well.
The track is decent and probably a little better than some of the material from 'Raymond V. Raymond', so check it out below:

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Lady Gaga Performs 'You And I' On The Today Show

Lady Gaga performed a new track of hers on The Today Show. The track is called 'You And I' and is taken from her upcoming third studio album which will be released sometime early next year. The track is decent but I was not immediately hit by it. Check it out below and let me know what you think:

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Listen: Shontelle - Love Shop

Here is a new track from Shontelle. The track is tagged, but that doesn't take away from your listening pleasure. The track is called 'Love Shop' and is expected to be on her upcoming second album, 'No Gravity'.
The track has a very pop sound to it but it is extremely catchy. I really am awaiting this album, because I think that it will be good. I really liked Impossible, and this is really good too. Check out the track below:

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Behind The Scenes: Christina Aguilera's 'You Lost Me' Video

Floptina Christina Aguilera is currently producing her next video for the next single 'You Lost Me' taken from her latest album 'Bionic'. I love the song and the album is decent, but I am sick and tired of it already.
This behind the scenes does not even give me hope that she will even succeed with this next single. I couldn't even watch the whole Behind The Scenes. You can instantly tell that the video is going to be a snooze fest so why bother? *Waits for attack from Floptina stans/fans* Anyways check it out below:

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Ciara's 'Basic Instinct' Cover Revealed!

I know I just posted the new Ciara song but I wanted to post this separately because I think that the album cover deserves a post of its own. So, without further ado, here is the official album cover...

I think the cover looks stunning. So much better than her previous era. I love how she has gone back to her old logo, to show that she is going back to her roots. I think that it is just simple but stunningly beautiful. I really didn't know what to expect with the album cover, but this is better than I expected.
I am a lot more hyped for this album now. Bring on August :)

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Listen: Ciara - Gimme That

We have been lucky with out Ciara leaks lately. We have had two remixes/freestyle tracks from Ciara which are supposedly going to be on her Basic Instinct mixtape. And just yesterday a new track titled 'Gimme That' leaked. It is supposedly going to be the 2nd single, however nothing has been confirmed so don't take that as word. Check out the track below:

This song is what I was waiting for from Ciara. It is a great track that will definitely be fitting for clubs. I still stand by my word that Blauw is the best song to leak though. Just ask my iPod's 1615 plays lol :D

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Listen: Girlicious - Drank

Check out a new track from Girlicious. The track is called 'Drank' and is to be featured on the Jersey Shore Soundtrack. The song was only recorded as a joke, however Jersey Shore got hold of it and wanted it for their soundtrack. Many of you guys will think that it is crap but check it out below first:

I actually think the song is quite good. It is quite funny especially at the end. And it totally don't need to be taken seriously.

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Jason Derülo's 'What If' Music Video Trailer

Jason Derülo is set to release his fourth single taken from his self titled debut album. The fourth single is 'What If' and looks to be released at the end of this month. The video for the single has yet to premiere, however he has posted a trailer of the music video up on his official YouTube. Peek the video below:

The video looks like it will follow a particular storyline hence the trailer. The trailer looks really good and I expect something really good for this video, so I hope I am not disappointed. Will post the video when it is up. I expect that to be quite soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The video has just premiered. Here is a link: http://www.myyearbook.com/jasonderulo.
Once an embeddable version becomes available I will post along with my review of the video. Enjoy!

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Ciara 'Basic Instinct Mixtape' Coming Soon

According to Ciara's official site, her Basic Instinct mixtape is coming soon. It's going to have to be real soon if she releases it before the album's release date of August 17th. Usually mixtapes appear before an album, so I am expecting this to drop very soon (If it is actually going to drop that is). Remember Ci-ci's promise of a Fantasy Ride mixtape. Well that never stuck, so what makes everyone think this will happen. Only time will tell. But either way, it best have some good material on it, because right now, I'm not feeling this as much as I thought I would.
That's not to say that I hate 'Ride' but I thought she would be coming a bit better than this. On the contrary though, I absolutely love 'Blauw' so if that is from her recent recording sessions, then please put it on the album Ci :)

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Eminem's 'Recovery' Goes Platinum In Just 2 Weeks!

Eminem's latest album 'Recovery' has been doing massively well. Eminem has a lot to be pleased about because in just "2 WEEKS" he has already achieved "Platinum Certification". That is a massive feat in the market nowadays.
He achieved sales in the region of 740,000 for just the first week. And in the second week achieved sales in the 310,000 mark. This makes for a platinum certification as he has sold over a million copies.
You cannot deny that Eminem has done tremendously well. However, I just am not feeling this album for some reason. This is not to say that everyone else is feeling the same as me, as many people went out to buy it. But I still think he deserves it.

What do you think? Did you like the album? Do you think he deserves it?

Listen: Natasha Bedingfield's 'Touch' & 'Speechless'

I was not aware that I didn't post about Natasha Bedingfield's new tracks. Touch was the first song that was released on iTunes randomly to give fans a taster of what to expect from Bedingfield's upcoming album. Speechless was then leaked, and I am unsure whether this is taken from new or old recording sessions. Either way, both of these tracks bring something different and make me love Natasha Bedingfield all over again. Check out Touch first:


This is a very good dance song which as usual comes with some great Natasha Bedingfield lyrics. I absolutely love this song and think that it will do wonders for Natasha. She is currently filming the video to this track, so I can't wait to see how that pans out. 4.5/5


The usual type of Ballad from Natasha. However it boasts more than that. The lyrics are beautiful and her voice is wonderful in this song. My excitement for a new Natasha Bedingfield is soo high now. 5/5

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Electrik Red New Album News

Thanks to Rap-Up TV we get a little insight into the second album from Electrik Red. Their debut album, How To Be A Lady: Volume 1 was released last year, and they are coming back this year, with Volume 2. However, they plan to turn the notch down on this one. Watch the video to see what they say about it:

I love Electrik Red and am so hyped for this next album. I really hope that it can beat the perfection of their previous album. Time will only tell.

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Charice Confirmed For Glee Season 2

This is fairly old news but I haven't been around to post it, so in case you guys missed this news. It was confirmed by Charice herself that she will be appearing in the 2nd season of Glee.
I'm not sure how I feel about this news because I love Glee and I just think that the show will not better itself by adding more to the cast. I love the cast how they are at the moment so a new addition might kill the show a little for me.
However, I can't really say anything until I actually see Charice in action.

EDIT: This post has achieved a lot of controversy and the original post got took way out of context. When I originally posted this I was not sure how I felt. However, I am now rethinking my thoughts on the matter. I have actually said that I cannot give a proper opinion until the show airs. So for now, we just wait and see. To be honest, this news doesn't need as much controversy as some people made it cause. But thanks for all of your opinions and posts. But please do not spread negativity around, as this is what caused controversy. Thank you.
And to clear up everything. I DO NOT have a problem with Charice and believe her to be very talented and have an amazing voice.

Glee returns for a second season on September 21st (it has now been confirmed).

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Behind The Scenes: Trina 'My Bitches' Video

So it seems that Trina's next single taken from 'Amazin' will be 'My Bitches', and not 'White Girls' as previously thought. I can't see this not being the next single if a video is being made for it. I think there are much better tracks that should receive single treatment, but it seems this is the track in favour. Check out this behind the scenes video for the upcoming video and let me know what you think:

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Alesha Dixon Sophomore Album News

To kick off some blogging after so long, I have some news on former Mis-Teeq member Alesha Dixon's second album. The album is to be titled 'Unleashed' and the first single coming from the album will be premiering very soon.
The first single has been confirmed as 'Drummer Boy' and will be released towards the end of August/beginning of September.
She recently posted a video message on her official site, in which she said the following:
"[I'm] really excited about the new record. Time is ticking but we're getting there and we're nearly ready to come with the album.
[We're] just mastering it, mixing it [and] making it as good as it can be for you guys. I'm really excited, I hope you guys are as well.
Look out for the new single 'Drummer Boy' when it drops at the end of August [or] beginning of September. I'll keep you updated! I'm off to LA in a couple of weeks to shoot the video with Ray Kay which is exciting!"
I am really looking forward to this single and album and hope that it is as good as her previous material. What do you guys think of this news?