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24/7 Entertainment Interviews 'Auburn'

24/7 Entertainment got another chance to interview an up and coming artist. This time it was with Auburn.
Auburn is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from the US who is currently signed to Warner Bros and J.R.Rotem's record label Beluga Heights. She has been dubbed the Princess of Beluga Heights as she is the first female to be signed to the record company. She is currently working on her debut album to be released either later this year, or early next year. Her first single is called 'La La La' and the video premiered the other day. Check the video out here.
Anyways check out the Q & A session below and enjoy:

You recently released your first official single 'La La La' which features Iyaz. What exactly is the song about?

Auburn: The song is just about a clingy guy, lol. You know, wanting to know where you are, what you're doing or who you're with. The "LALALA" is just all you hear after a while.

24/7: What was it like working with Iyaz, and have you collaborated with anyone else?

Auburn: Iyaz is amazing, an amazing writer and an even greater person; So working with him is always good.
I've collaborated with all my label-mates: Sean, Jason, Iyaz & Mann & a few other artists as well.

24/7: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Auburn: Well if you're being literal about "dream" I'd have to say Aaliyah, really great inspiration. If you weren't being so literal, I'd say Justin Bieber.

24/7: You are currently working on your debut album, have you thought of a title for it? And when are you expecting to release it?

Auburn: I'm not sure yet, the title is just something I feel will come to me. I was thinking of "Call Me Auburn" but thats just a thought. The album if not released later this year will definitely be released early next year.

24/7: I know you have been working with J R Rotem for the album. Have you worked with any other producers? If not, what other producers would you like to work with?

Auburn: J.R and I are really great in the studio. So right now we're trying to keep things very fresh and in the family. Lol.

24/7: What is your favourite track that you have recorded for the album, and what is it about?

Auburn: My favorite track so far would have to be a track called "_____" lol, I don't even wanna give the title away. Lol. But its a dope song.

24/7: Have you got a second single lined up yet, and will you be releasing it before the album?

Auburn: We have a few second singles in mind, a few which will definitely be making the album.

24/7: You released an independent debut album entitled 'Same Giirl' in 2007, how does your new album differ?

Auburn: My sound has changed by a large amount since then. When i made Same Giirl I was 16 so my music alone wasn't as developed. Granted its still me, I love my first album that my cousin Bishop and I made in my bedroom. lol, Only now I'm not in my bedroom, I'm with JR and I'm 21, grown in writing and vocally.

24/7: On your Myspace you have a variety of different tracks, such as 'Perfect Two' and 'Move'. Will the album contain a mixture of these different elements?

Auburn: Yes! Which exactly why the album release date is still uncertain, we want to make sure we don't confuse the listeners when they hear how diverse my writing is.

24/7: What have you learned along the way that is different from back then?

Auburn: I've learned that things and people aren't always what they appear to be. I came in with so many walls up but my circle and my music family are a blessing, I thank God for what he's doing.

24/7: Back in 2007, you opened for Keyshia Cole, did you learn anything from her?

Auburn: I learned to get things done, because one thing I can tell you in Keyshia is no joke, she gets things DONE. Lol, she told me she was proud of me my last show in Atlanta and it meant a lot, so overall I learned to make sure you do what you set out to do from watching her.

24/7: You will be opening for Jason Derülo. How will that differ from other shows u have done and what do you want to gain from the experience?

Auburn: The difference with this show will be the fact that ill have a lot more time on stage, so people can get a better feel for who I am as an artist. I hope to gain the experience and learn my audience and what they want, how they connect with the music or my live performance, I expect to have fun.

24/7: Who inspires you to sing and where do you get the inspiration for your songwriting?

Auburn: I grew up on Gospel. The Winans, Helen Baylor, Johm P. Kee, etc. with the exeption of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. The older I got the more I ventured out musically, listening to artists like Aaliyah and TLC to Nickleback and Simple plan.
I feel because music is music, there shouldn't be boundaries on what you prefer to hear or which style you write, it's art. There's no facts when it comes to art, only opinion.

24/7: What do you hope people will get from your music?

Auburn: I hope they'll understand I'm only making music for the love of music, I'm not trying to be like or greater than anyone else, I'm only making music. God willing I hope they get a better understanding of who I am in the process, without already having placed any pre-judgement.

24/7: Lastly thanks for the opportunity to ask you a few questions. And is there a message you would like to give to your fans?

Auburn: Thank You! Each an every one of you are a blessing. I thank God every day that I can do something to make you smile, I can't wait for whats to come and I promise we will ALWAYS be music family. Love, Auburn.

I would like to take this chance to say another Thank You to Auburn and her team for allowing me to ask her a few questions. I hope everyone enjoyed and I wish Auburn all the success she deserves.

If you want to know more about Auburn, check these sites out:


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